Sweet treat for BT students

Donuts fresh, fast… and made by
six-year-old students: it was a sweet field day treat for Bodden Town Primary
School Year 3 students and teachers visiting their Adopt-a-Class sponsors last

Melissa Hamilton, food marketing
coordinator of Dunkin Donuts, met the group at the door with a cheery high-five
and took the exuberant students on a tour and through the process of donut
making at the West Bay branch.

The students were also given Dunkin
Donut reward cards so they could earn points to be redeemed at any of the
Dunkin Donut establishments.

“As a corporate sponsor, it is a
good to give back to the community. We like the adopt-a-class programme, which
helps to support the talents of schoolchildren, not only financially, but also
give them an opportunity to see what we do,” said Ms Hamilton.

At the donut shop students were
given the opportunity to decorate their own donuts with the help of decorator
Joan Bent. The group smothered plain cake donut with huge helpings of vanilla,
strawberry and chocolate icing to create their own treats … and they had a
blast. Even teachers could not resist the temptation to get their fingers
sticky with icing and toppings.

Before the decorating, students
watched baker Samuel Kamau demonstrate the art of dough pressing with a special
machine and see how donuts are placed in a proof oven before baking.



Instead of the traditional ways of
fund-raising, such as fish fries and car washes, the BT Parent Teachers
Association has turned to a more consistent form of collecting revenue and
raising community awareness – the adopt-a-class programme.

According to Dale Davis of the
Parents Teachers Association, the programme has proven successful since the
launch last May.

With a donation of $250 or more per
year, donors can choose the programme of their choice to support. Dunkin
Donuts, along with other companies such as Cayman Lens Crafters, Cox
Lumber,  CIDB GMC Electrical and Brown’s
Esso provide financial contributions annually, which assist teachers with resources
for the classrooms.

The Adopt-A Class programme
partners with the community to buy resources for the classrooms, which can
provide consistent support in learning and teaching aids and materials for teachers
and students.

The result is a meaningful
contribution to education and to donors, a reward that is more than a just a
plaque – it’s something the students have created. It also teaches the children
the value of working for what they want.


Anyone interested in participating
in the programme can contact Mr. Davis at 916-5495.


  1. Surely in an Island with such a childhood obesity problem giving out Dunkin Donuts reward cards to school children should not be something to be proud of…?? Why not try educating children about healthy eating instead….Hmmmmm…..

  2. I agree that children should be encouraged to learn about healthy eating habits, but Dunkin Donuts launched a healthy range a few months ago which includes salads, bagels, low fat milk, low fat/calorie flatbread sandwiches, so giving a reward card to each child does not mean that the school is encouraging children to eat donuts. Surely its up to the parents to ensure that their child eats a balanced diet? If that child eats healthily then whats the harm in letting them have a small treat now and again, which may as well be someone like Dunkin Donuts who are sponsoring the school class with educational items as well, as much as anyone else?