Daughter of Premier Mckeeva Bush passes

In a statement this morning, Deputy
Premier of the Cayman Islands, the Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, JP confirmed
that Tonya Eyvonne Anglin, daughter of the Premier, the Hon. McKeeva Bush, OBE,
JP, and his wife, Mrs. Kerry Bush, has passed away.

She was thirty years of

Tonya leaves husband Chet Anglin
and daughter Zariah.  She died at home
and was pronounced dead at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Further details will be provided
as they become available.

The Premier, Mrs. Bush, and the
family, appreciate the prayers and support of the country during their tragic,
difficult loss.

 As they cope with this, they also appreciate
the public’s understanding and consideration of their need to have an initial
time of private mourning.



  1. I am so upset to hear this. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Anglin and we became instant friends. I am in tears right now as i write this, as she was such a wonderful and loving person. my heart goes out to Premier Bush and his lovely wife, Mrs. Kerry Bush.
    they are in my thoughts and prayers.
    May you rest in peace my friend,
    Eneida Cruet, International Coordinator for Dr. Alejandro Badia, Doral, Florida

  2. We are also truly sorry to hear of the passing of such a young person, wife and mother. Our deepest condolences to her mother and father, Mrs. Kerry Bush and the Hon. McKeeva Bush, husband, Chet Anglin and daughter,Zariah. We hope you all heal soon.

  3. I have two children, and have so often prayed, that I may pass through life long before I ever have to endure, or bear witness, to the passing of my children… as a Father, my sympathy, compassion and condolences reside with the Bush family… though I do not know the circumstances of this tragic death, my prayer is that your family somehow finds the way to draw strength and support from those who are grieving with you, and that somehow, this experience enables you to grow, modify, alter, or arrange… your perspective, plans and presumptions… in such a way… to transform what is a tragedy… into a positive opportunity for change and growth… such as often happen… with those who attempt to make sense out of something so tragic… that may sound, I suspect, shallow and cold, but too often, I have seen people transformed from such events… and the courage, convictions, and change that results from coping with such a catastrophe… Ive seen… harnessed in such a way… to help other parents … other people… attempting to cope with same problems. In this way, ones death… can never be truly seen as in vain… but moreso… essential to the divine plan… that so persuasively shapes the destiny of humanity. May God bless and comfort the Bush family in this time of crisis and realization.

  4. We offer our sincere condolences to the Bush/Anglin/Parsons family in this hour of bereavement. We may not understand why these things happen but we can lean on the Everlasting Arms. Job 5:11 So that He sets on high those who are lowly, and those who mourn He lifts to safety

    May God peace, comfort and blessings rest upon you all in Jesus name,Amen.

    Submitted by Florence Goring-Nozza and
    Melville (Teddy) Nozza

  5. My sincere sympathy to Premier Bush and his family in this hour of bereavement.

    Its time you learn that politics do not matter in times like these.I might add that those who obviously are not sympathetic based on your response to comments in this forum speaks volumes for the level of mentality of those among us, beware! as I cannot fathom why some of you are so hard hearted, wicked and inhumane that you find it in your heart to literally vote No or Disagree with comments that are sympathetic towards the premier and his family at this time. I admire those people who put politics aside and act like a human being with feelings. But I am disgusted and it makes me puke to see the various votes to disagree with those people in our society who have a heart and expresses their feelings of sympathy for these families in their time of bereavement.
    It is not only heart breaking but Record breaking that one comment of sympathy has a whopping 20 Disagreement votes alone!We really have some very sick people in our Caymanian society. (Watch your backs)

    I did not know that there were such low life individuals living in the Cayman Islands, you have the mentality of an animal or a cannibal.
    Right now let me just call them by name all those in disagreement to our sympathy you are hereby described as SCHMUCKS!

  6. Along with all right-thinking Caymanians,

    I offer my sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of Premiere McKeeva Bush in the bereavement of his lovely daughter.

    Some of us will never know the loss of a child and leadership carries with it a heavy respnsibility.

    We must never mix professional responsibilities with personal lives and all of Cayman should stand with the Premiere and his family at this time.

    May she rest in peace and rise in the first resurection.


  7. Compass,

    WE are decent people and ALL have a heart for our Premier in his time of grief. We really need to know who these dirt bags are that object to our condolences to these grieving families, and it is obvious they could very well be a real danger to members of our society and theres good cause or reasonable cause to file an FOI to find out who these heartless people are, maybe these are the lost ones whose crimes remain unsolved?
    Who else would object to our offering our sympathy to our premier or anyone in our society for that matter.

    We demand to know who they are. They should be ashamed of themselves. Compass, come to our aid and publish the names.

  8. whereas I dont believe in censoring the press, there is just no need to have the agree or disagree button with certain stories, such as this – there is no debate, nothing to discuss, and the disagree button can only enhance the already agonizing hurt and grief of Tonyas friends and family. In some cases I believe that these buttons can be pressed in error; it may not be hate-motivated.

  9. Miss Sarah,

    No one hits a Disagree button by mistake 9,10 times, 14,15 times, 35 times !

    IT IS DELIBERATE!! And sends a message of not only cruelty but hate. I must say their timing is worst than Watergate.
    We call on the Compass to disable the Disagree button on this particular story exclusively ASAP, such individuals do not deserve a negative voice in this forum where the majority of us endeavor to express our sympathy for our Premier and his family in their hour of grief.This is no time for partisan politics or Independent antics.

    To the Compass compass please show some moral rectitude here in not accommodating the negative voice of these people.

  10. Folks, I wouldnt focus too much on people who would disagree with comments such as the condolences offered in this story. Unfortunately there are people all over the world who thrive on the suffering of others. These are usually people who have only sorrow in their own lives. There are a few sayings that we can apply to this, one is misery loves company and the other is what goes around comes around, both of which Im sure apply to these folks who should be aware that the hateful thoughts you have about others people usually backfire and bring sorrow on yourself.

    However one point that needs to be made is that freedom of speech goes both ways, which means people have the right to voice their negative thoughts just as much as people have the right to voice there positive thoughts. The agree and disagree buttons give us all the knowledge to understand the feelings and mindset of the people around us.

  11. We are all grieving with the Premier and his family.
    We hope that to satisfy the public that we will learn what was the real cause of death so suddenly and what were the results of the autopsy as it is necessary in a sudden death.

  12. This is a copy of a comment submitted to CNS a few minutes ago.

    Given CNS constant refusal to publish any comment critiquing their performance, I am reposting it to your website. CNS needs to demonstrate whether they unequivocally support free speech (subject to legal, defamatory and ethical considerations), or whether they merely champion it when it is in their interest.

    (comment below)

    With respect,

    The first question that enters ones head when they read that Mr. Bushs daughter has died at such a young age is how did she die?

    It is neither unnatural nor insensitive to ask such a question and it suggests a level of timidity on the part of CNS and the Compass that that essential question is not addressed in either news services rehashing of an official press release. I will look forward to seeing whether such a question is addressed in the Compass Monday print edition.

    If the Bush family or their representatives do not wish to publicly comment on the cause of death, that is their prerogative and the news report should state just that ensuring the news doesnt appear hopelessly timid. Please dont rely on the assumption that the Cayman rumour mill will spring into action to ask and have answered the difficult questions news organisations are professionally obligated to ask. Those of us abroad who take an active interest in the Cayman Islands dont have such a rumour mill to rely upon and instead rely on such news organisations to do their jobs properly.

    Sympathy to the extended Bush family on a terrible loss.

    Given CNS previous constant refusal to print comments critical of the job they do, I am also posting this to the Compass to see who the real proponents of free speech are.

    Editor’s note: The comments above are noted. We will publish further details concerning Tonya Anglin’s passing when the full facts are known and it is appropriate to do so. The reader might also wish to note that the young woman was only just laid to rest on Saturday in West Bay and more than 3,000 people attended. News organisations have a duty to inform the public, but they also have a moral obligation to be compassionate in a tragic situation.

    As far as free press issues go, as always, we will let our stories and actions speak for themselves. It is then up to the public to decide in which organisations they place their trust.

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