Professional service with a family touch

Hew’s Janitorial was founded by Lennie & Danny Hew in 1976 with a cleaning contract for a bank. Valma Hew, the spouse of Lennie Hew, managed it for years afterwards developing the maid service which has grown into a vital and respected part of the company’s offerings.

During the late 1950s Valma was a housekeeper at Pageant Beach Hotel. She later became a live-in helper for a wealthy family in Miami Florida. This experience along with her later banking experience, aided the company in its growth.

In the early years the children would help out with the company during their holidays. The boys would help out with the floor machines, scrubbing floors, while the girls helped out in the office.

Due to their growing reputation, expanding client base and increased level of business Hew’s ecame members of industry associations in the USA such as BSCAI (Building Services Contractors Association International) ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association.

As befits a family business of note, the concentration on service and continuity of classy operations meant that the Lennie & Valma’s children, Chris & Joey Hew, joined full time over 20 years ago. Valma’s late sister Cicely Ebanks joined a few years later in 1995, managing the maidservice department and daughter Annie Bodden joined in 2006 as HR Manager.

Company growth

The company has grown from 12 staff in 1990 to 135 in 2010 which includes over 30 Caymanians, Status Holders and Permanent Residents. The company provides a variety of services that are as reliable as they are dynamic and wide-ranging. Amongst the many things that Hew’s can provide are office cleaning, property maintenance, house cleaning, marble polishing, floor scrubbing and polishing, carpet cleaning, power washing, commercial kitchen cleaning, construction cleanup and a variety of other services.

The company is also notable for providing continuing education and famously provides a wide range of in-house and overseas training and certification courses. The certifications from IIRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) include floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, flood damage restoration, microbial (mold) remediation and more.

The company is always developing and has seen strong growth during the past 2 years. Hew’s Janitorial is certainly expecting a continued trend in growth as time goes on.

The company has many key elements to its approach including a strong belief in training & development, constant change for improvement:. Always with an eye on the industry, they re-evaluate things regularly, to the point of changing company every 5 years adjusting the way they conduct our business to suit the business and social climate.

“Our greatest asset is the talented staff employed with the company,” said Chris Hew.

The company provides safe, professional, trustworthy, efficient, friendly and caring services including maid services, offices, floors, carpets, upholstery, marble, windows, janitorial, mould and microbial remediation, water and fire restoration and post-construction cleanup services. Please call to discuss your specific needs with the helpful, friendly and knowledgable staff.

Wide range of service

In terms of contract cleaning, the company’s efficiency is reflected through your clean environment. This applies as much to offices and retail as it does to doctor’s clinics and many more locations. Services include sweeping, mopping, trash removal, replenishing supplies, disinfecting, sanitizing and deoderising, vacuuming, dusting, surface cleaning and sanitizing – more than clean and all under the watchful gaze of experienced and meticulous staff.

Maid services, earning your trust every day, are very popular at homes, condos, apartments and more and services provided include ironing and folding clothes, dusting and polishing, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, surface cleaning and sanitizing and many more including cleaning stove and oven interiors, interior cupboard cleaning, windows and screens, carpets and upholstery and bathrooms.

A host of other speciality services come from Hew’s Cleaning Services, too, such as floors, carpet, windows and general maintenance. A selection of things that the versatile company can handle include polishing, dry cleaning, steam cleaning, upholstery, power washing, changing lightbulbs, window cleaning, marble and stone restoration, floor scrubbing and polishing and general office maintenance.

It’s important to Hew’s that your family is safe, which is why mould and microbal remediation is an increasingly popular service. From contaminated debris removal, control and containment, refrigeration and dehumidification to HEPA filtration, the company can do it all. Staph, strep, BCG and Saminila control go hand in hand with  the disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing process.

Should the worst happen then Hew’s makes a point of caring, because cleaning up after a flood or fire takes more than just skills. Some of the services on offer include enzymatic cleaning, ozonation, water extraction, dehumidification, hydroscopic material removal and mould remitigation. Contact [email protected] for more details.

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