Viewpoint Version 7

In light of recent changes to regulations worldwide, it has become imperative for Corporate Secretary and Company and Trust Management service providers to appreciate the importance of corporate governance, data management and de-risking related business processes.

As a consequence, the tasks associated with administering the affairs of a portfolio of clients have increased noticeably for both the large and small service provider. Additionally, the Corporate and Trust Administration function has embraced extensive reporting, disclosure and compliance obligations in order to ensure that entities under management are compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements.

All fiduciary service providers are looking to improve governance and efficiency associated with Corporate and Trust Administration and to move towards best practice by means of evaluating the automation of the highly manual processes that proliferate throughout the function and by mitigating risk, improving oversight and standardizing client deliverables through the implementation of standardized workflows and process management.

Technology has a role to play in the move towards best practice, as it can provide a welcome control wrapper around which these governance and efficiency initiatives are implemented. The ViewPoint product suite is a globally leading software solution for the management and administration of entities such as companies, trusts, partnerships, foundations and funds. With over 5,000 users in 40 different jurisdictions worldwide, ViewPoint provides a complete solution for the end-to-end statutory and administration workflow, document generation, and reporting needs of service providers with both large and small portfolios. In order to remain the global leader ViewPoint software is continually improved and version 7 is due for release later in 2011. This update has many additions and improvements to functionality and a more modern, user-friendly design.

The ViewPoint solution suite, in conjunction with the consultancy services of MCS is well placed to address the challenges of the Corporate Secretary and Company and Trust Management service provider by providing corporate governance guidance through the development of data governance policies and procedures and the implementation and documentation of system governed corporate workflow and process management policies. ViewPoint clients frequently gain significant efficiency improvements and savings, whilst mitigating risk, improving oversight and standardizing client deliverables. 

MCS has provided Company Secretarial Consultancy Services and Corporate and Trust Technology Solutions to offshore financial services sectors for over ten years. This experience has given MCS the opportunity to develop a proven range of services and solutions aimed at helping all service providers meet the challenges of trust and corporate service provision.

MCS will present the new release of Viewpoint with ViewPoint Managing Director and founder Rolf Heemskerk at a Breakfast Briefing event to be held on February 24th. To discover how ViewPoint 7 can help your business and for more information, see the advertisement below, call MCS on 949-8263 or email [email protected]

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