US deal for rum

Seven Fathoms distillery signs deal with importer

Caymanian brand Seven Fathoms Rum will be selling their product in 30 states of America after signing a deal with an importer.

Luxe Vintages, a wine agent and importer of artisanal beverages from around the world, will be importing the rum and then selling it to distributors who will then sell it to retail outlets worldwide.

“We’re an artisan micro-distillery, so our capacity is still limited to a certain extent.

We have to look after everyone on Cayman first and have allocated a small amount for export.

It gives us a good foothold and the ability to expand and grow the brand.

“We get hundreds of emails a week from people who have tried it on island, but we had not been able to sell single bottles due to restrictions with FedEx. So this is a perfect step. Now, on our website we will have a link that will allow the consumer or visitor to keep consuming the product and sharing it with their friends and family,” said Nelson Dilbert, co-founder of Cayman Islands Distilleries.

Huge step

Previously, the company, with the help of the Department of Tourism, also worked with The Whisky Exchange in the United Kingdom and sold out of all the allocated rum. Walker Romanica, co-founder at the distillery, described the expansion into United States sales as a huge step for the company.

“The importer has told us there will be money spent on advertising, which will advertise Cayman in the process. Every time a bottle gets on a shelf, it’s a mini-billboard.

“It’s a huge deal for us. It’s only three years since we started this company and for a year and a half we couldn’t even sell any products.

Coming from where we started to growing our brands right now, it’s been absolutely, definitely a fun venture, and we’re looking forward to the future,” said Mr. Romanica.