Tunisia’s former leader a ‘wanted’ man

The restive North African nation of
Tunisia has issued an international arrest warrant for its ousted president,
his wife, and several members of their families.

Tunisian Justice Minister Lazhar
Karoui Chebbi warrant had been brought against Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Chebbi said the warrant is based on
several charges, including carrying weapons and ammunition in Tunisia without
licenses, maintaining and exporting foreign currency illegally, and inciting
armed violence between Tunisians.

Chebbi said some family members
have been arrested and others are still at large, and that others could be
arrested as the investigation continues.

Ben Ali, who ruled Tunisia since
1987, fled to Saudi Arabia earlier this month amid mass public protests against
the government for corruption, poor living conditions, high unemployment and

The grass-roots protest has
emboldened people in Egypt and Algeria to take their complaints to the streets.

An interim government was formed
after Ben Ali’s departure, and protesters are demanding that none of the people
in the government should have links to the ousted president’s regime.

 Changes in the government makeup were expected
on Wednesday, TAP reported.

The government will provide
compensation to the families of people who died in the recent unrest and others
who were injured. It will also pass along aid for jobless higher education

More than 100 people were killed in
protests in recent weeks, the United Nations has said.

There have been protests regularly
in Tunisia, which gained its independence from France in 1956 and has many
links to the country.