Heavy Cake competition

Get ready, because at Taste of Cayman the winners of the Heavy Cake Competition will be announced, said Trina Christian of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association.

“Heavy cake has been a truly unique Caymanian creation for the last 200 years or so. This delectable dessert’s beginnings resulted from Caymanian cooks’ resourcefulness and creativity in using ingredients that were available on their tiny islands.

“Many items we associate with cake today (flour, sugar, eggs and the like) were expensive luxuries well into the 20th century, and thus unavailable to these early bakers. Instead, they transformed readily available cassava, coconut milk, spices and cornstarch into a traditional treat that is still revered today.

“Since there is more to making a heavy cake than simply following a recipe, this truly is an art form that is practiced in kitchens across the Cayman Islands. Taste of Cayman hopes to provide the anticipated 4000 festival goers with a small taste of Cayman’s traditional dessert.

In addition to bragging rights the first prize winner will receive $300, second prize $150, and third place $50.

Judging takes place from 6-7pm, with the winner announced on the main stage at 8pm.

Minimum submission size is an uncut 9”x13” pan, which must be brought onsite by 4pm.