Masta of the spin

DJ Masta P is very versatile

DJ Masta P has been getting crowds up and at ‘em on dance floors around Cayman and the States for 13 years.

A regular at Jet, the DJ also gets the party started at Hard Rock Cafe happy hour today (Friday, 28 January) from 5-7pm before heading off to Celebrity Fridays at the Rooftop Lounge from 8pm.

The role of a DJ, he says, is a fluid one and therefore there’s a need to be stylistically versatile.

“DJs have many styles depending on their environment. A DJ in a reggae party/club will tend to use the microphone more than others to hype the crowd and then play a song, whereas a DJ in a Top 40 style club will concentrate more on a continuous mix of music and use the microphone a lot less.Each style has its place and depending on where I’m performing, I’ll do either one.

“If I had to choose, I would go with the more continuous mixing style because no matter what genre of music or type of event you’re playing, that style works. Being able to blend music of different types in one continuous mix really keeps a crowd moving, it only takes one offbeat mix to lose the vibe on a dance floor, then you have to work double hard to get everyone moving again,” says the Masta.

Although he won’t reveal his ‘secret weapon’ tracks, of course, there are techniques he can draw upon to get things going.

“I will say it’s not one single song, it’s a lineup I put together that gets the place moving no matter the crowd, young or young at heart. Some of the current floor fillers would be: Taio Cruz – Dynamite, Far East Movement – Like a G6, Chris Brown – Yeah 3X, Only Girl – Rihanna and What’s My Name – Rihanna feat. Drake.”

As for the Hard Rock cafe set, he’s promising the latest in hip hop, pop, R&B, clean reggae, dance music and top 40 hits. See you down the front.


DJ Masta P is a master disc-spinner.
Photo: Submitted