Tikko is settling nicely in California

Based on his current form it is easy to see that Tikko Moore is making out well in California.

The East End native is currently a star for the Santa Clarita Christian School basketball team. Moore, 18, has averaged a double-double through the first half of his season with the Cardinals. The junior power forward has his club fourth in the interstate polls.

The son of Primrose and James Moore states he has dealt with the level of competition pretty well.

“We’ve had 15 games this season and I’ve been averaging over 15 points and 10 rebounds per game,” Moore said. “One game I had 16 boards and the other game I had 24 points. In fact last week I had a game where I had 15 points and 12 rebounds. In certain ways I’ve adjusted. I have had to change my position a bit and certain things I have to work on. Like I know my perimeter game has to get better before the season ends next month.”

From all accounts Moore has had a fun experience. Last November he was part of the school’s eight-a-side American football team. Moore, who played tight-end, took his side to the playoffs. Interestingly he is on a basketball scholarship that covers the roughly US$6,500 yearly tuition fee. Mum Primrose states Moore has also kept his grades up.

“He’s doing well, he’s doing OK,” Primrose said. “He’s doing well in school academically, which is just as important as basketball.”

In spite of his obligations in the US, Moore has kept an eye on basketball happenings in Cayman. He is well aware that his sister Sheneka is captain of a new Wolves women’s team and that the Wolves just won the boys section of the Appleby Under-19 Basketball League. Moore is most happy about the U19 title.

“Oswald (Prehay) told me about it through Facebook. I felt good hearing that and I’m real proud of them. I’m happy for them and their accomplishment. I knew they had the talent and a good coach in Trini (Duran Whittaker) so I’m not surprised they won. It’s also great knowing that Jevon Pierson did well and that Oswald, who was elected the new captain this season, stepped up in a leadership role.”