Taste of Cayman a most satisfying experience



    Thousands of gastronauts gathered at
    Camana Bay on Saturday for the 23rd annual Taste of Cayman festival.

    The food, wine and culture event drew
    huge crowds to the Crescent, and all were keen to try the fare on offer. Some
    40 of Cayman’s restaurants, food providers and drink experts were on hand, all
    offering plates or cups of their wares to a good-natured crowd, as traditional,
    experimental and downright delicious flavours intermingled.

    Youngsters were delighted by their
    special area, including a bouncy castle, while older attendees were treated to
    plenty of entertainment, including great dancing and a selection of musicians
    who kept the rhythm of the night going.

    The popularity of this epicurean
    celebration remains undiminished through the many years of its existence, and
    the Cayman Islands Tourism Association fundraiser this year was a fitting
    culmination to the many highlights of Culinary Month 2011. The aim is for
    Cayman to be able to boast the crown as Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, and
    judging by the large crowd and delighted faces, that is an ambition that looks
    set to be fulfilled.

    From the food to the fireworks, from the
    mojitos to the meals, Taste of Cayman proved that the Cayman Islands has the
    talent and togetherness to stand proud, not just as a Caribbean destination but
    on a world level for cuisine.

    Diets and New Year’s resolutions may
    have been put on ice for the night, but the blend of tourists, locals, chefs,
    someliers and those who have come to work and make Cayman a home was testament
    to the power of good food, good drinks and good times to bring people together.

    At times, it took 20 minutes to walk
    from one end of the Crescent to the other, such were the numbers drawn toward
    the great vibe of a buzzing event.


    Thousands enjoyed sampling a variety of food, drink and entertainment at the 2011 Taste of Cayman on Saturday night.
    Photo: Joe Shooman


    1. I fear Taste of Cayman is suffering from too much success. I found it a crowded mosh pit of humanity. The single entrance on the south side funneled the crowd into a small area. Parents with strollers, especially after dark, added to the congestion. Perhaps the hours should be expanded for families with children in the afternoon and adults only at night?

    2. you think they would have sold water and sodas… it was all booze everywhere, not that that was bad but we couldnt get a cold non alcoholic drink anywhere.

      45min line up for the Kobe steak burgers… well worth it but I gave my taste of cayman token to Margeritaville in exchange for a a free drink!?!?!??!!

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