Torres steering kids to the top

Tennis coach Eduardo Torres is as busy as ever with his popular private and group sessions at Camana Bay which run throughout the week for juniors and adults alike.

Torres Top Tennis has been going for a couple of years and the current six-week programme has seen plenty of newcomers trying to start the new year with an improved fitness programme.

“I usually have between 40 and 50 adults in my group programmes at Camana Bay in the evenings and my junior programme is also growing fast with around 25 students,” Torres said. “I’ve had quite a few new registrations I think people are interested in trying a fun fitness programme for the new year.

“My classes are quite popular. We have a lot of regular clients who sign up on a continuous basis and even bring friends to try tennis too. With my progressive teaching technique and small class size of four per group, students improve quickly from beginner to intermediate and see real results all while getting a great workout.

“In my junior programme I have some very talented kids. In the most recent tournaments Eddie Bodden, Simon Butler and brothers Marc and Daniel Reid ranked the highest.”

When Venus Williams visited Grand Cayman a couple of months ago, many of Torres’s students got a chance to meet her and get a signed copy of her latest book Come To Win. “The students were very excited to have the opportunity to meet Venus. It was a memorable experience and since then we often talk about goal setting which is something Venus talks about in her book.”

Torres is an avid marathon runner so he knows all about top fitness. He was third in the Cayman Marathon in December and hopes one day to break the elusive three hour mark. His main aim this year though is to spread tennis around the Island.

“We have already started on some of our new projects for 2011 including offering tennis instruction in the local schools such as East End Primary where we taught last month and I was really impressed with how the kids played they were well behaved and excited to learn.

“This programme was created with the help of the International Tennis Federation and they donated racquets, nets and equipment. It’s a great opportunity for the local students to learn a new skill that can lead to a lifetime of enjoying the sport.

“This year will also work to grow our after-school programmes. We’re hoping to offer lessons at more condominium complexes so kids can have a fun and active after school activity right at their residence.

“Personally, I look forward to representing the Cayman Islands again at the next Nat-West International Island Games this summer in Isle of Wight in the UK. I hope to play more tennis tournaments this year starting with the Cayman Invitational this week. We’ve updated our company website and now have a blog with photos and up-to-date information about events and programmes.”

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  1. Its great to see local businesses go beyond the usual clientele and reach out to Caymans young people setting a positive example especially with fun fitness activities. Best of luck to the players in the Island Games, hopefully this year the participants wont need to go represent Cayman on their own dime.

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