Cayman musician’s
Cuba adventure

When you’re in and around music and musicians, magic can often happen.

And it’s in the impromptu get-togethers and on-the-spot jam sessions that these moments are created. Such was the case when Caymanian musician Natasha Kozaily visited Cuba; as she tells Weekender, the vacation visit inevitably ended in some sharing of tunes with our closest Caribbean neighbours.

“We met some artists there – Eva Flores and Aceituna sin Hueso, another band, and they basically invited me and my band on-stage with them in Havana to do some music.

“It was really fun. We played with them and got into the art and music scene there. It was really interesting and great.”

Indeed, such was the mutual respect that Natasha was subsequently invited to appear on a possible new album by the Cuban band, depending on schedules.

Politicians may not be able to manage it, but people – and musicians – can find common ground in the purest of collaborations. A smile and a song, it seems, are truly universal, and the message at root is a simple one.

“It was a lot of fun,” beams Natasha.

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