Sounds Caribbean to me

Weekender is currently wondering whether we can get away with extending the weekend to Mondays.

The folks at Vivendi are making it tricky not to, with their Carib Night, every Monday from 9pm featuring Exile.

It’s all about the Caribbean music – as the name might suggest, which stimulates more than a few dance moves, according to Isadora Ferrer of Exile.

“How can you not want to dance to Caribbean music? There are certainly moves that break out when the mood takes over. The ambience is romantic island with a twist of fun. Vivendi is a beautiful venue, and the stage and lighting make the night out distinctly memorable.”

Popular tracks

Popular tracks include Pluto Shervington’s Ram Goat Liver and a smattering of Bob Marley, but also soca classics like Hot, Hot, Hot and pop cuts including Me Love and Shy Guy, she adds. And by the way, if that name sounds familiar, it’s because you probably know the singer from Bona Fide. The Exile offshoot formed in 2008 to concentrate on Caribbean music, she tells us.

As for extending the weekend? Maybe we’ll knock that idea on the head… and start the next weekend early instead.

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