Pac’s appeal goes global

Manny Pacquiao is in global demand as his fame and wholesome image grows. An Abu Dhabi based video game company wants to feature Pacquiao as a character in an upcoming online video game. Singapore is heavily pursuing him for a fight in November, assuming he gets past Shane Mosley in Las Vegas on 7 May.

Film offers continue to pour in following his last role in a Filipino movie last year and there are more endorsements on table than the 32-year-old fighter can handle, including offers for lucrative personal appearances in many countries, TV chat shows and advertising campaigns. In the meantime he is concentrating on being a worthy congressman in the Philippines until he goes into serious training next month.

There is virtually no boxing to speak of in Singapore, but such is Pacman’s magnetism that his agent Michael Koncz met with a group of influential businessmen last week and claims that the deal is 90 per cent done, which means Pacquiao is likely to earn over $20 million against a not too demanding opponent.

It will effectively be a marking time fight until he can persuade the reluctant Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather into the ring in the richest contest in boxing history when the two could earn over 
$40m each.

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