Steelers had most of local support but they all went home dismayed

All the sports bars in the Cayman Islands were packed to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

Dog House in Grand Harbour had outdoor screens as well as indoor ones and the majority of fans were for the Steelers so many went home dismayed by their 31-25 loss to the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback, stole the limelight, collected the MVP and finally buried the spectre of Brett Favre. It was a dominant performance, hailed as one of the best QB displays in Super Bowl history.

Christine Bisnauth is a keen flag footballer and always monitors the NFL games. She watched at home and although disappointed that the Steelers lost, enjoyed the spectacle nevertheless.

“I was all for the Steelers,” she said. “I’m actually a huge Buffalo Bills fan however I always support the Steelers and the Eagles because they were the cities closest to where I grew up. I watched at home, the feeling was tense in the second half. I thought it was a great game right to the very end. Us Steeler fans never gave up hope.”

She feels Aaron Rodgers, who won the MVP, is already up there with the outstanding quarterbacks of the past. “I think once you’ve won a Super Bowl you’ve earned your right to be great. I don’t think the Packers can retain the title. They’re a great team but these are the pros, anything can happen. That’s why I love NFL football.”

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