Rodgers has great skills to be greater

Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been celebrating the Packers’ Super Bowl win since that great game on Sunday night.

Schools closed early on Monday to allow families to welcome their Packers football team back to town. A police motorcade lead the team from the airport to Lambeau Field Monday afternoon and a ‘Return To Titletown’ celebration was held on Tuesday at Lambeau Field. A portion of the $5 ticket proceeds will benefit charities through the Green Bay Packers Foundation.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has promised a repeat next year after his superlative performance but local NFL experts are not so sure after seeing their 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

George ‘Teddy’ Hydes, head coach of the all-conquering Spin 94.9FM Hellcats, expected a Steelers win but was not surprised by the result. “The three turnovers was the difference because they resulted in 21 points for Green Bay,” he said. “Also Pittsburgh’s defence didn’t get the sacks or hits on Rodgers that would have rattled him and caused him to make mistakes.

“It was an entertaining game to watch because it came down to the final two minutes with Pittsburgh having the ball with a chance to score a touchdown and win the game and as a football fan that is the way I like to see the Super Bowl end.”

Hydes doesn’t think it’s too early to laud Rodgers as an exceptional QB. “Rodgers has all the skills to one day be considered one of the greatest QBs to play the game because right now you can mention his name in the same breath as Brady, Manning and Brees who have all had great careers and will be Hall of Famers after they hang up their cleats.

“Replacing a legend like Brett Favre is never easy but Rodgers has started his own legacy in Green Bay and has the chance to win a few more Super Bowls. I think they have a legitimate shot next year of defending their title but as we have seen over the last few years repeating is not that easy.

“Winning the Super Bowl makes you the target of all the other teams which makes it tough because every week you can expect to get your opponents’ best. Also getting a team motivated and focused after a championship is a really tall order for the coach but one thing that Green Bay has in its favour is they have battled through games this season without some of their best players and that is great sign of mental toughness.

Radio Cayman sports broadcaster Nikolai Hill and a member of the Hellcats team, had predicted a Steelers victory too, mainly because of their vaunted defence. “It was the turnovers and early interceptions by Big Ben which were the only difference in the game otherwise Steelers played well,” Hill said. He wasn’t too bothered who won. “It was a good, competitive game and ultimately that’s what NFL fans want

“Rodgers has got all the tools. He’s had a great start to his career and could go on to be an all-time great. It’s going to be very tough for the Packers to defend their title. There are too many good teams in the NFL. Player movement and free agency can improve other teams overnight.”

Hill watched the game at the Dog House. “The atmosphere was pretty good, I expected a little better, but we’re on a small island and there are lots of sports bars so I guess the fans were evenly spread throughout the entire island.”

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