Weight loss from inside out

There is a new philosophy on the wind about weight loss – one where we no longer can rely on a pill, programme, person or procedure to help us lose weight, but one where we eventually come to the true source of our success – ourselves.

Like any true path, it is for those willing enough and in pain enough, to finally ‘get it’.

That true change comes from within, and so it is with weight loss. Reliance on snazzy diet schemes, metabolism boosting and heart damaging drugs, low-calorie and deprivation diets bring the same results over and over again – weight regain.

Even a percentage of people investing in expensive gastric surgeries are regaining weight. Why?

As Geneen Roth says in her book Women, Food and God (a good read), “if a miracle pill is invented that allows us to eat all we want without gaining weight, the situations, events and reasons for the overeating will remain and we will look for other ways to numb ourselves”.

A journey to our inner selves

The good news is that this path to successfully losing weight and keeping it off works. It involves a journey to our inner selves, revealing beliefs, attitude and habits that have created our weight challenge.

Without getting at the root of the problem, as any gardener will tell you, the weeds will continue to grow.

This inner change can be one of attitude, or one of reconnecting with the part of self that aspires to success overcoming the lazy, critical mind that just wants to pop a donut and have the world go away.

We are awakening, finally, to what has been known for ages, that we all hold the keys to our success, and we can apply this now in weight loss with teachers who have moved beyond the quick fix solutions.

We measure success on feelings of acceptance, peace, building self-control and increasing self-respect, joy and happiness as well as the scale and clothing sizes down.

Steps for inner change

Evaluate what is not working in your plans to lose weight.

Try a fresh, new approach – one based on self-care.

Let go of old and extreme ways of trying to lose weight.

Give yourself time to accomplish your purpose.

Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and self-help. Contact her on [email protected]


Self-acceptance and self-control are as important to weight-loss success as the scales and measuring tape. – PHOTO: FILE

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