School boy bomber targets training camp

teenage suicide bomber wearing a school uniform killed 31 cadets and wounded 42
more at an army training camp in northwest Pakistan.

bomber’s uniform came from a nearby school, police official Abdullah Khan said.

 The disguise allowed the terrorist to bypass security
checks at the heavily guarded Punjab Regiment Centre in Mardan.

detonated his explosives as recruits were doing physical training on the parade

suicide bombing at the same training ground killed 35 people in 2006.

 Pakistan’s GEO TV said it was the deadliest
suicide attack in the country since 25 December when a woman with a bomb
strapped under her burqa killed 43 people at a U.N. food distribution point in
the tribal district of Bajaur.

said an examination of body parts at the scene revealed that the bomber was a
teenage boy — an increasingly common phenomenon in Pakistan.

2009, the Pakistani military released footage taken inside a Taliban training
camp showing children as young as 11 being taught to become suicide bombers.

 Once trained, the young, brainwashed bombers
are sold to other Taliban leaders for as much as $12,000.

Pakistan military runs a de-radicalization school for such youths in the
northwest of the country, not far from Mardan.

Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan said the bomber wasn’t a child but a soldier
who contacted them and said “he wanted to sacrifice his life for Islam.

We accepted his offer
and told him to target his fellow soldiers in Mardan.”

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