Study abroad students at UCCI

The University College of the Cayman Islands recently welcomed a group of students from Elon University, a private liberal arts university in North Carolina.

The students spent their winter term study-abroad programme in Grand Cayman.

The programme “is designed to provide our students with knowledge of the global environment from business to culture and society,” said Art Cassill, chair of Elon’s Department of Accounting and Finance. “While some of the study abroad courses reflect objectives on general studies, ours is designed specifically for accounting, finance, management and other majors related to business disciplines.”

Mr. Cassill and Kevin O’Mara, professor of business administration, accompanied the 22 students, most of whom are business majors.

This is the first time that Elon has offered the course in Cayman.

“The more we looked at it, the more it made sense for our students to be exposed to a truly international financial services centre in this part of the world,” Mr. Cassill said.

UCCI immediately embraced the idea, he said.

Mr. Bodden encouraged UCCI students to take the opportunity to meet other college students from outside the Islands.

“Elon’s visit to UCCI was an opportunity for them to learn from UCCI faculty and students about Caymanian history, society and economy. UCCI students, for their part were able to broaden their understanding of the United States,” said Mr. Bodden. “The visit was mutually beneficial and plans are in place for next year, when it is hoped that UCCI students can visit North Carolina on an exchange programme.”

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