Governor’s art honours awarded

Triple C School is grand prize winner

Seven of Cayman’s schools vied for the second annual Governor’s Cup at this year’s [email protected] event.

The festival and art competition put on by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands was held on the lawn of the Government House on Saturday, 5 February.

Triple C School won the grand prize with a wide compilation of works ranging from ceramic recreations of local foods to colourful contemporary paintings, all based on this year’s Governors Cup theme Art for Action: The power of art to unite a community.

Other participating schools were Cayman International, George Town Primary, Red Bay Primary, Savannah Primary, St. Ignatius and last year’s Governor’s Cup winner, Cayman Prep and High School.

Triple C will now have the Governors Cup trophy on display for the next year.

“Students had to exert themselves to attain their highest level of creativity to transfer their ideas into visual demonstrations of different genres of art,” said Mable Richardson, Triple C School principal.

“The halls are alive with students laughing as the joy of winning and the beauty of the Governor’s Cup convey a memoir to be forever etched and enshrined within their hearts.”


Judged by Governor Duncan Taylor and his wife Marie-Beatrice, the competition offered nine additional award certificates to talented students from each of the participating schools.

Jordana Ebanks of Triple C was awarded for Exceptional Artwork; Tatianna Stewart of St. Ignatius was awarded Advanced Execution of Artistic Technique; and Callie Bodden of Triple C was awarded the certificate for Remarkable Creativity.

Other group awards went to George Town Primary’s Year 4 for Excellence in Originality; Honourable Endeavour went to Savannah Primary’s Year 2 for their community model; Outstanding Effort went to Red Bay Primary’s Years 3 and 5 for their butterflies; and Cayman International School’s Year 6 received the Distinguished Art Contribution for their ceramic masks.

Cayman Prep’s Year 3 were awarded the certificate of Most Imaginative for their interpretation of an ancient Egyptian column, while Cayman Prep and High School received the Honourable Student Participation award.

This is awarded based on the number of students’ participating in relation to the school population and the age range and skill level represented.

“The Governor’s Cup Competition enriches the culture of the country by providing our students with an opportunity to display their energetic and creative artwork. It celebrates their artistic achievements and provides visitors to [email protected] with the chance to view the students’ artistic talent and gain an insight into their perceptions and experiences,” said Jessica Wallace, education and outreach manager for the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

“The Governor’s Cup competition is a testament to the talent of young artists in the Cayman Islands who have once again shown their ability to meet the challenges of visual expression and strive for excellence,” she said.


Triple C student Ariana Thompson accepts the Governors Cup on behalf of the school.
Photo: Submitted

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