Royal newlyweds Canada bound

William and Kate Middleton will make their first official overseas trip as a
married couple to Canada in late June, St James’s Palace has said.

royal couple are expected to travel across the Commonwealth nation during their
visit from 30 June to 8 July.

will visit Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and
the capital, Ottawa.

PM Stephen Harper said it was a testament to Canada’s “very close
relationship with the Royal Family”.

invited the couple to Canada after they announced their engagement in November.

spokesman for St James’s Palace said: “Prince William was pleased to
accept an invitation on his and Miss Middleton’s behalf from the government of

William was keen to be able to visit Canada for himself as an adult, and to be
able to show his wife a country that is close to his family’s heart.”

28, and Kate, 29, will marry at Westminster Abbey on 29 April.

their first official trip, it is believed the Prince and his royal bride will
take part in Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa on 1 July.

Harper, who is likely to host an official banquet in their honour, said he
hoped their tour would be “the start of a lasting relationship with Canada
by the royal couple”.

looks forward to welcoming the young couple this summer and providing them with
all that our country has to offer – including, of course, the special
hospitality and warmth reserved for members of the Royal Family,” he said.

visited the Commonwealth country in 1998 aged 15, touring Vancouver with his
father the Prince of Wales and brother Prince Harry.

Queen visited Canada last July, and in 2009, Prince Charles and the Duchess of
Cornwall spent 11 days there.

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