Teen denies EE shooting charges

Case sent to Grand Court

Corey James Miller, 18, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday afternoon facing three charges relating to a shooting incident in the area of Sea View Road in East End during the early hours of Saturday, 12 February.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson told Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale that the charges were denied.

They are: possession of an unlicensed firearm, the type not specified; attempted murder, of a named male; and damage to property, namely a house hit by shots fired.

Mr. Samson asked to apply for bail, pointing out that Miller is a person of previous good character, with a fixed abode and real prospect of employment. He emphasised that the defendant had cooperated with police and explained his whereabouts at the time of the incident; he had pointed to witnesses who could confirm his explanation, the attorney noted.

He said there were very triable issues and expressed concern that Miller might languish in custody because the Grand Court calendar has been fixed through September.

The magistrate reminded everyone that there is no right to bail on a firearm charge. She said she had to decide on the basis of the strength of the Crown’s case, and Miller’s witnesses were not part of the Crown’s case. “You can petition Grand Court for bail next Friday,” she concluded, setting the mention date there for 25 February.

A police summary of the incident released to the media indicated that four people were walking toward Pirates Cove Bar when a gunman appeared and began firing at one of them at about 2.10am Saturday.

The sending of the matter to Grand Court, now known as “transmittal proceedings”, is the result of an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code that came into effect earlier this month. Charges that can be dealt with only in Grand Court are sent there as quickly as possible and need not wait for the next new session to start.


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