New refs to boost kid games

The Cayman Islands Referees Association welcomed 12 new members to their referee’s group last Wednesday at a ceremony held at the Cayman Islands Football Association head office in Prospect.

This was as a result of a Basic Referee Course at the George Town Primary School in George Town. The referee association did this recruitment to better prepare the group to deal with the additional games put in place by the Cayman Islands Football Association.

This invitation went out to all interested people who wanted to become certified referees and assistant referees to officiate in local matches.

CIFA president Jeffrey Webb said: “Referees play a huge part in the development of football. I thank these new recruits for stepping forward to play their part in this expansion which is vital to the sustainability of football development process globally.

“We welcome them and will support them as the take up the role of officiating and apply the rules and the laws of the games professionally.”

The chairman of the referees committee is Livingston Bailey who was pleased with the response to the appeal for more referees. He said: “I am delighted with the response for the call for more referees. Twelve out of 13 persons were successful in the exams and that is a very positive result. 
“I must extend my sincere congratulations to the successful candidates and wish them all the best in their refereeing career. Now that the theoretical stage of the refereeing course has been completed, the new referees will be exposed to physical and practical training to enhance what they learnt in the classroom.”

“The interpretation and application of the laws of the game is crucial to how the referee manages his or her game competently. Hence, tremendous focus will be placed on those key areas of their training and development over the next few weeks.”

Bailey added that referees perform a vital role in football generally, ensuring safety, fairness, equality and enjoyment. With the growth in football’s popularity, particularly among women and youth, the demand for officials is always increasing. Joining the ranks of local referee organisations could be a gateway to the FIFA International panel of referees.

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