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Webb still awaits sentencing 6 years after arrest

Disgraced former FIFA Vice-President, CONCACAF President and Cayman Islands Football Association President Jeffrey Webb still has not been sentenced on the six year anniversary of his arrest in one of global sports biggest corruption scandals.

Two appear in court over football fraud

Charmaine Moss and Canover Watson appeared before the Summary Court on Tuesday to face charges of defrauding local and regional football bodies. Moss, 45, and Watson, 49, along with Jeffrey Webb, 55, are alledged to have conspired to defraud the Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) between January 2012 and September 2014. According to court documents, the trio is alleged to have created a fake company called Ironshore International Limited*, and then submitted inflated and fraudulent invoices to CONCACAF.

EDITORIAL – CIFA officials must leave no room for doubt

As a highly visible, youth-focused organisation, CIFA must embody the highest ethical principles. As role models for our children and representatives of our islands overseas, they should conduct themselves as leaders – with integrity, accountability, honesty and openness.

Shaka Hislop: Football corruption has not changed since FIFA case

Despite the waves that the FIFA corruption case has made worldwide, and particularly in the Caribbean, following the arrest and guilty plea of former CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb and other national and regional football bosses, nothing has changed, according to former football professional Shaka Hislop.

Webb seeks 8th new sentence date in FIFA racketeering probe

Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb has asked that a U.S. court delay his sentencing in connection with the ongoing FIFA racketeering probe again.

Court approves Webb’s 7th sentence date

By the time Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb is sentenced over his role in the FIFA racketeering scandal, it will have been nearly three years since he pleaded guilty to seven criminal charges in the investigation.

Cayman’s Webb to get seventh sentencing date

Former FIFA Vice President and Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb’s sentencing date in U.S. federal court is likely to be delayed again, according to court documents released this week.

US court gives Webb more time to pay

A U.S. federal court has given FIFA racketeering defendant Jeffrey Webb six more months to pay what he owes to the government following his guilty plea in connection with the probe.

Attorney: Webb trying to sell Georgia properties

FIFA racketeering defendant and Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb is trying to sell his remaining properties in Georgia, USA, as part of an asset forfeiture agreement with American authorities, according to U.S. court records made public Monday.

Crown has days left for CarePay confiscation

If the Cayman Islands government is going to take any money from Canover Watson as a result of his conviction in the CarePay hospital swipe-card contract scam, it will have to settle that amount by Friday.

Webb’s senior counsel withdraws from case

The attorney of record for Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb in the FIFA corruption case will withdraw from representing Mr. Webb, according to documents filed Friday by the Clifford Chance Law firm.

Webb FIFA sentencing set for sixth time

Cayman businessman Jeffrey Webb’s sentencing in the FIFA corruption scandal has been put off again by a U.S. federal court, meaning the admitted racketeer will not learn his fate until March – nearly three years after his May 2015 arrest.
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Funding, credibility key to football election

More than two years after his arrest in Switzerland on bribery charges, former Cayman Islands Football Association president Jeffrey Webb still casts a long shadow over the sport in his homeland.

US prosecutors approve sale of Webb’s Georgia mansion

American prosecutors agreed to accept cash from the sale of FIFA defendant Jeffrey Webb’s home in Loganville, Georgia, rather than seizing the property itself, according to records filed with a Brooklyn-area court Monday.
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US$3 million sought from FIFA defendant Takkas

Attorneys for world football’s Central/North American and Caribbean region have asked a U.S. court to order FIFA corruption defendant and former Cayman Islands resident Costas Takkas to pay US$3 million to the Caribbean Football Union in recompense for bribe money ultimately given to Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb.

Webb gets time to sell U.S. homes

Former FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb has asked a U.S. court for more time to pay off US$1.7 million owed as part of an asset forfeiture agreement made after his 2015 guilty plea to racketeering and money laundering charges.

Webb attorneys ‘conflict’ case heard, issue dismissed

Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb waived his legal right to “unconflicted counsel,” agreeing to continue with his current law firm, though it is also representing another defendant in the FIFA corruption case.
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Sentencing for FIFA defendant Takkas set for Oct. 31

Longtime Cayman Islands resident and former Jeffrey Webb attaché Costas Takkas will be sentenced Oct. 31 in a U.S. federal court. Takkas, who pleaded guilty in May, will learn his fate in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York, according to court records.

US: Webb’s attorneys in ‘potential conflict’

Prosecutors in the FIFA corruption scandal have asked for a special hearing to explore whether the law firm representing Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb has a conflict of interest in the case.

Football association Vice President arrested

Local attorney and Cayman Islands Football Association Vice President Bruce Blake was arrested last week in connection with a corruption and money laundering probe.

Court: Webb may relocate, travel within US

Convicted racketeer Jeffrey Webb will be allowed to travel within the continental United States during the period before his sentencing in connection with the ongoing FIFA bribery scandal, a U.S. district court judge ruled last week.

Sentencing for Webb postponed for fifth time

Former FIFA Vice President and Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb will have to wait until 2018 to learn his fate in connection with the ongoing racketeering and bribery scandal that has enveloped world football’s governing body.

Webb to sell US home, seeks travel permission

A Georgia, USA mansion that both Cayman Islands and U.S. prosecutors allege was bought with the proceeds of fraudulent activity is being sold by its owner, Caymanian businessman Jeffrey Webb, his attorneys confirmed Monday. The proceeds of the sale of the house at 2116 Adel Drive in Loganville, Georgia will be turned over to the American federal court as part of an asset forfeiture agreement.
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Former Cayman resident Takkas pleads guilty in FIFA case

Costas Takkas, a former business partner and attaché for Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb, pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy in U.S. federal court Wednesday as part of the ongoing FIFA racketeering and bribery investigation.

Webb sentencing date put back to July

Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb has had his sentencing date put off for the fourth time since he pleaded guilty to racketeering and money laundering conspiracy charges in the FIFA bribery scandal.

CONCACAF lawsuit seeks millions

Cayman corporations were set up as “vehicles of fraud” in a scheme to cheat international football organizations out of millions of dollars between the early 1990s and 2011, according to claims made in U.S. federal court by one of those organizations.

Jeffrey Webb struck off voters list

Former FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb was excluded from voting in the May general election during voter objection hearings in Bodden Town Wednesday. During the hearings, other Caymanians who expected to be on the voter rolls found out they were not. Webb was crossed off the list in the district of Savannah, following his conviction for racketeering in the U.S. He is due to be sentenced on May 11 – just two weeks before Cayman’s May 24 vote.

‘Politics’ seen in voter challenges

A political candidate, a politician’s sister, a murderer who was released on license and an elite athlete are among the Cayman Islands residents whose cases will be considered in hearings this week, just before the voters lists are finalized for the May 24 general election.

Default notice on Webb’s home seeks nearly $34,000

A default notice seeking nearly $34,000 in arrears was issued last month against the Cayman Islands home owned by former FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb, according to public land records examined by the Cayman Compass.

Third sentencing date set for Cayman’s Webb

After two earlier attempts to sentence him in connection with the FIFA bribery scandal were put off, Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb is now due to appear before a U.S. federal court judge in May. Webb, 52, is now due to learn his fate in connection with the FIFA probe on May 11 at 10.

Attorneys seek half-year delay in Webb’s sentencing

It may be at least another six months before Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb learns his fate in the ongoing FIFA corruption probe. Webb’s attorney Edward O’Callaghan filed a request with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on Wednesday asking the court to adjourn the sentencing date.

FIFA trial set for November 2017

A U.S. federal court has set Nov. 6, 2017 as the start date for what prosecutors expect will be at least a two-month trial for eight defendants charged in the FIFA corruption probe.

UPDATE: World football body bans Webb for life

World football’s governing body, FIFA, banned its former vice president Jeffrey Webb for life Friday following a lengthy investigation by the organization’s ethics panel.

Former CONCACAF, Admiral headquarters for sale

The downtown George Town office building that once housed former CONCACAF President Jeffrey Webb’s office and his friend Canover Watson’s financial services company is being sold.

Webb’s sentencing set for November

Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb will not learn his sentence in the FIFA racketeering investigation until at least November, according to officials in the U.S. District Court for New York State’s Eastern District.

Update: Webb sentencing put off

Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb faces potential prison time and deportation in connection with his role in the ongoing FIFA racketeering and bribery scandal at his sentencing hearing, scheduled for Friday in U.S. federal court.

Government will not play ball with CIFA

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden says there will be no peace deal between government and the Cayman Islands Football Association until the entire executive committee has put itself up for free and fair elections.

Past football star Ramoon takes over cash-strapped CIFA

Former Cayman Islands national football team captain Lee Ramoon was elected Saturday to serve as president of the Cayman Islands Football Association.

Webb, Takkas get privileges granted by court

FIFA racketeering defendant Jeffrey Webb has been granted permission by a U.S. federal court to travel farther from his suburban Atlanta, Georgia, home in order to provide care for his young son, court records released Friday stated.

Deportation ‘likely’ after Webb guilty plea

Cayman businessman Jeffrey Webb faces up to a 20-year sentence, possible deportation and additional fines in exchange for his November guilty plea to racketeering and fraud-related charges in connection with the ongoing FIFA probe in the U.S.

US court refuses bid for Webb plea deal

A U.S. federal court judge refused a news organization’s bid on Friday for documents disclosing details of a plea agreement with Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb and two other high-profile defendants in the ongoing FIFA corruption probe.

FIFA corruption trial date vacated

A criminal trial date set last week for the remaining defendants in the FIFA corruption probe under way in the U.S. was vacated just a few days later by the American federal court judge hearing the case.

Webb’s FIFA plea deal sought from US court

Details of cooperation agreements between three key defendants in the ongoing FIFA corruption investigation, including a deal struck with Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb, are being sought by a U.S.-based news organization which filed a formal request with the federal court for those records earlier this month.

FIFA sues corrupt officials

World football governing body FIFA is suing its corrupt former executives, including Cayman’s Jeffrey Webb, in an attempt to claim “tens of millions of dollars” in damages.

The dance

FIFA corruption case: Bribe linked to Webb, local attorney

A previously unidentified player in the international FIFA corruption probe has revealed specific football bribe payments that he told U.S. federal investigators were intended for Jeffrey Webb. One of those payments, he said, was sent to the Florida bank account of a “Caymanian attorney.”

Football association seeks new leader

The Cayman Islands Football Association will hold an election in May to find a successor to disgraced former president Jeffrey Webb.
The $600,000 loan agreement between Forward Sports and the Cayman Islands Football Association was ostensibly concluded to assist with the construction of the National Training Center. - Photo: Matt Lamers

Loans, gifts and graft: CIFA and CONCACAF’s Panama connections

A Panamanian company set up by Canover Watson that was allegedly used to receive a $1.1 million bribe payment from Traffic Sports to Jeffrey Webb is the same entity that had a controversial $600,000 loan agreement with the Cayman Islands Football Association, documents reveal.

Canover Watson appeal filed

Defense attorney Ben Tonner confirmed on Friday that an appeal has been filed on behalf of Canover Watson, who was found guilty earlier this month of various fraud-related charges.

CONCACAF drops kickback lawsuit

Regional soccer governing body CONCACAF has dropped its lawsuit against California travel company Cartan Tours, which it accused of paying kickbacks to its former president Jeffrey Webb to secure a lucrative business arrangement.


Time short for Watson appeal

The deadline for Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson to appeal his Grand Court conviction on five fraud and corruption-related charges is Friday.

Health chief reveals new criminal probe into CarePay

Withholds information on IT contract

CIFA members involved with CarePay pharmacy deal

At least three members of the Cayman Islands Football Association, including Canover Watson and Jeffrey Webb, intended to benefit from the creation of a new pharmacy business.

Webb parties amid FIFA fallout

His best friend and someone he once described as “his brother” was sent to jail for seven years Friday.

EDITORIAL – FIFA scandal fallout: not just ‘not over,’ but barely begun

Canover Watson is in Northward Prison. Jeffrey Webb is under house arrest in Georgia. And yet the local fallout from the global FIFA scandal has barely started.

Cayman CONCACAF offices shuttered

The Cayman Islands CONCACAF president’s offices in George Town closed down on Feb. 1, the Cayman Compass learned this week.

Football firm linked to FIFA probe, Watson court case

A Pakistan-based football products manufacturing company has been linked in legal documents to the ongoing FIFA corruption and bribery probe in the United States.

Lawsuit: US$1.2M in CIFA loans were ‘graft’

Some US$1.2 million in what were initially called loans granted to the Cayman Islands Football Association in 2013 have been described as “graft” in a lawsuit filed in U.S. federal court.

EDITORIAL – The verdict on the verdict: A good start

The conviction of former Health Services Authority chairman Canover Watson for fraud and breach of trust answers one question about the public hospital system’s CarePay scheme, but raises a legion of others about corruption, complicity, indifference and incompetence in the highest levels of the Cayman Islands officialdom.

CarePay trial: Watson begins serving sentence

Convicted fraudster Canover Watson, 45, began serving his seven-year prison sentence Friday on charges of conspiracy to defraud, fraud on the government, breach of trust and conflict of interest following a Grand Court verdict in the CarePay trial.

BREAKING: Watson sentenced to 7 years

Millionaire Caymanian businessman Canover Watson was sentenced to seven years in prison Friday, one day after he was found guilty of five out of six criminal charges against him in connection with the CarePay hospital contract investigation.

CarePay trial: Canover Watson guilty on 5 criminal charges

A Cayman Islands Grand Court jury found Canover Watson guilty Thursday on five of the six criminal charges against him, following a two-month trial.

BREAKING: Watson guilty on five of six charges

Other two charges still being deliberated

CarePay trial: Jury deliberating on Watson case

One man and six women must now decide the fate of Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson, charged in six separate counts related to alleged corrupt acts involving the award of a public hospital system patient services contract.

CarePay Trial – Judge: Conspiracy forms ‘crux’ of Watson prosecution

Two months of testimony in a prosecution that called more than two dozen witnesses can be boiled down to a concept that a Cayman Islands Grand Court justice called “dead easy,” jurors in the criminal trial of Canover Watson heard Tuesday.

CarePay Trial: ‘Did this man sell you out?’

Cayman Islands prosecutors described Canover Watson last week as an unscrupulous businessman, a backroom wheeler-dealer who used his position on a high-profile public agency to enrich himself, his business partner Jeffrey Webb, and perhaps others.

CarePay: Crown, Watson’s attorneys make final arguments

Crown prosecutors began closing speeches Thursday morning in the criminal trial of Canover Watson, who is accused in connection with a scheme to defraud the Cayman Islands government in relation to the CarePay patient swipe-card contract for the public hospital system.

CarePay trial: CIFA centre of excellence cash not returned

A sum of $250,000 deposited in a Fidelity Bank account via the Cayman Islands Football Association through another local company was never returned to the company that paid it, Canover Watson testified Tuesday during his criminal trial.

CarePay trial – False contract supported US$1.8M payments

An admittedly bogus 31-page contract was used to support US$1.8 million in payments made during 2011-2012 for the expansion of the public hospital’s CarePay...

Blake ‘heartbroken’ by latest CIFA claims

Cayman football boss Bruce Blake says he is “sad and heartbroken” by allegations that money intended for the national football Centre of Excellence may...

CarePay trial – Crown: Webb’s Georgia home purchase was ‘money laundering’

Cayman Islands businessmen Canover Watson and Jeffrey Webb made up a bogus employment contract for Webb and used a Cayman Islands Football Association employee...

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