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CarePay trial – Crown: Watson fantasized about kickbacks

Former Cayman Islands Health Services Authority board chairman Canover Watson “fantasized” about skimming 30 percent of the profits from the public hospital system’s CarePay...

US argues against release of CONCACAF chief

The U.S. Department of Justice is opposing the release on bond of indicted CONCACAF president Alfredo Hawit because it fears the Honduran national may...

CarePay trial – Watson: CIFA funds paid for Webb’s house

A sum of US$250,000 from the Cayman Islands Football Association, designated for the construction of a new football complex in Prospect, was used pay...

CarePay to solve all our problems, Watson tells court

Details of private discussions regarding the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card contract that took place between Aug. 11-12, 2010 – four months before the US$13 million contract was agreed by government – were reviewed in Canover Watson’s criminal trial Thursday.

CarePay trial: Webb hid CarePay profits from ex-wife, says Defense

Caymanian businessman Jeffrey Webb tried to cover his involvement in the company that won the Health Services Authority’s patient swipe-card contract because he was trying to hide his profits from his former wife during divorce proceedings, defense attorneys in the CarePay trial alleged.

CarePay trial: Judge orders ‘not guilty’ verdict for Watson co-defendant

A Cayman Islands Grand Court judge ordered a verdict of not guilty Tuesday against Canover Watson’s former personal assistant on a charge of transferring criminal property. The order came after submissions by Miriam Rodriguez’s attorney that she had no case to answer from the prosecution in the CarePay trial. Ms. Rodriguez, 54, whose name came up only a few times during the trial, is now free to go and is no longer required to attend court proceedings.

CarePay trial: Prosecutors detail payments to Watson from AIS-CarePay account

Attempting to prove Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson personally benefited from the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card contract, Crown prosecutors on Monday detailed a number of payments made to Watson or his relatives from the bank account set up to handle profits from that contract.

Carepay trial: HSA staffers delivered checks for $1.5M to Watson’s assistant

Three checks totaling more than $1.5 million were delivered to the offices of Canover Watson's former company by HSA staff members.

Head of Webb’s Cayman office claims unfair dismissal

The head of former CONCACAF president Jeff Webb’s Cayman-based office was one of three people suspended from work by the regional soccer body in the aftermath of his arrest, according to allegations in a law suit.

Third indicted CONCACAF chief faces US extradition

Another regional football president heads back to the U.S. facing criminal charges in the FIFA scandal, but Cayman's CONCACAF president's office remains open.

CarePay trial: Potential new evidence delays trial

The ongoing criminal trial of Canover Watson is delayed following the discovery of potential new evidence.

CarePay trial: Bank chief confirms ‘loan’ to Webb

The head of Fidelity Bank in the Cayman Islands confirmed that representatives of his bank approved a US$240,000 loan to local businessman Jeffrey Webb in June 2011.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Top stories of 2015: CarePay contract trial gets under way

Cayman ended 2015 with a major corruption trial involving healthcare contracts and allegations against some prominent Caymanian businesspeople.

CONCACAF ‘contributions’ from FIFA on hold

FIFA, world football’s governing body, announced this week that it has put funding on hold “until further notice” for two of its confederations in the Americas – including one in the Caribbean and Central America.

At year’s end: Future paths, old obstacles

As 2015 draws to a close, the Compass Editorial Board looks at some of the obstacles facing Cayman, a number of which can be turned into opportunities for advancement and improvement.

Editorial Year in Review: FIFA, corruption

editorials on fifa, corruption

FIFA scandal: Swiss hand evidence to US authorities

The Swiss Federal Office of Justice has given U.S. authorities a first set of bank documents that will be used as evidence in criminal proceedings against the football executives.

Top stories of 2015: FIFA scandal puts Cayman in spotlight

A dawn raid at a luxurious Swiss hotel in May led to the crumbling of a soccer empire and thrust the Cayman Islands into the world spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

CarePay trial: Testimony reveals little scrutiny for US$13M contract

The former chairman of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company told a Grand Court jury Friday that he “scanned over” a copy of the US$13-million contract for the CarePay patient swipe-card system less than 24 hours prior to signing it in December 2010.

CIFA to launch GOAL project inquiry

The Cayman Islands Football Association has said it will appoint an independent committee to examine spending on its multimillion-dollar Centre of Excellence.

CarePay trial: Cash from AIS deal went to Watson's business, says Crown

About US$100,000 from a bank account held by the local company which was a partner in the CarePay swipe card project was transferred in December 2010 to a business in which Canover Watson was a part owner, Crown prosecutors said Thursday.

CarePay company's 'sham' directors linked to Webb

Both Caymanian men who ostensibly ran the local branch of the company that was awarded a five-year, US$13 million contract to implement the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card system in December 2010 had close personal ties to businessman Jeffrey Webb, a Cayman Islands government minister told the Grand Court on Wednesday.

CarePay trial: 'No way' ministry could pay contract, says witness

A government financial manager refused to authorize a US$1.2 million payment for the proposed expansion of the CarePay patient swipe-card contract, even though his superiors at the Ministry of Health had already green-lighted the payment, jurors in the criminal trial of Canover Watson heard Tuesday.

CarePay trial: Government pays US$1.8M, then asks, 'Where is contract?'

As late as September 2013 – two years after it had already spent the majority of the funds – the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority was still trying to find a copy of the business contract that purported to authorize government to spend up to US$2.4 million on the proposed expansion of the CarePay patient swipe-card system, a Cayman Islands jury heard Monday. 

CarePay trial: Defense: Witnesses brought to police interview by gov't minister

What was described as a surprise police interview conducted with three civil servants during the CarePay contract investigation last year was arranged by a Cayman Islands government minister, defense attorneys suggested during testimony Friday.

CarePay trial: Contract was 'highway robbery,' witness says

Fees that were expected to generate more than US$2 million a year for a Jamaican company providing services to the Cayman Islands public hospital system under the CarePay contract were called “highway robbery” by a Crown witness who testified Thursday in an ongoing criminal trial.

No new president for embattled CONCACAF

Following the indictment of three consecutive presidents, soccer’s governing body in the Caribbean and Central America has decided to hold off on appointing a new leader.

CarePay trial: Witness says 'half dozen' companies wanted CarePay deal

About “half a dozen” companies, both local and international, had expressed interest on bidding for a Cayman Islands public hospital patient swipe-card contract prior to the contract being awarded to a Jamaican-St.Lucian firm, according to the former chief information officer for the local Health Services Authority.

CarePay trial: Minister Archer raised questions about swipe-card company

The former head of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company said she was contacted last year by Finance Minister Marco Archer about the CarePay swipe-card contract for the local public hospital system.

FIFA scandal: Cayman football in Webb’s shadow

In the United States, the trial of Jeffrey Webb is over before it began. Here in the Cayman Islands, however, the stain of Webb's legacy is only beginning to become apparent.

Webb fired from Cayman football association

Jeffrey Webb has been officially terminated as president of the Cayman Islands Football Association after pleading guilty to involvement in racketeering and bribery schemes at world football’s governing body, FIFA. CIFA’s executive committee said it would hold elections for the role “at its first congress in 2016,” though it has not set a date for the meeting.

CarePay trial: AIS contract was 'not going to be stopped,' says ex-medical chief

The former medical director of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority said that he was “not comfortable” with either the CarePay patient swipe-card contract or a subsequent contract for a pharmaceutical tracking system being awarded to the local operator of a Jamaican-St. Lucian company, but admitted he did not formally object to either deal.

Fallout from Webb guilty plea continues

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden calls for an independent inquiry into Cayman football’s governing body in the wake of allegations that Jeffrey Webb embezzled funds intended for youth soccer programs.

HSA staff delivered CarePay checks to Watson's business

Checks for a hospital swipe-card contract were delivered to the business offices of the former health authority board chairman, a court heard last week.

Webb charges reference local attorney, 'conspirators'

Details of Jeffrey Webb's alleged misdeeds, and those of his alleged conspirators, are revealed in U.S. federal court records.

Webb pleads guilty in FIFA probe, will forfeit US$6.7M

Cayman Islands businessman Jeffrey Webb has pleaded guilty to seven charges in a 15 count indictment against him related to the U.S. Department of Justice probe of racketeering and bribery schemes in world football’s governing body, FIFA. Webb, a former FIFA vice president, former president of FIFA’s governing body for the Caribbean, North and Central America, and suspended president of the Cayman Islands Football Association, entered his guilty plea on Nov. 23.

CarePay trial: Judge asks about US$2.4 million 'contract'

The payment of US$2.4 million for the proposed expansion to the private sector of the Cayman Islands Hospital’s CarePay patient swipe-card system prompted questions from the Grand Court judge presiding over the trial.

FIFA scandal fits in with Mob Museum's motif

The FIFA corruption scandal, which has links to the Cayman Islands, fits right in with the ranks of notorious mobsters and gangster-hunting “G-men” featured at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Webb’s replacement at CONCACAF arrested

Jeffrey Webb's replacement at the CONCACAF football organization has been arrested in an ongoing probe of FIFA.

CarePay trial: Watson collected, deposited check for CarePay contract

Canover Watson personally collected and deposited a check for US$686,000 that represented the first payment for the implementation of the CarePay patient swipe-card system, jurors heard Tuesday.

CarePay trial: Health chief 'shocked' by emails of Watson's dealings

Cayman Islands Health Services Authority chief executive Lizzette Yearwood said she was “shocked” by certain email communications from former HSA board chairman Canover Watson.

CarePay trial: 'Everyone' supported CarePay system, claims defense

Defense attorneys in the CarePay trial say Canover Watson was made the scapegoat for the failures of many.

CarePay trial: Health Ministry duped into paying $1.2M, claims Crown

Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson deceived local government officials into paying an additional US$1.2 million for the expansion of a public hospital patient swipe-card system by “doctoring” copies of the initial CarePay card contract and sending it to Ministry of Health officials in August 2011, Crown prosecutors said Thursday.

CarePay trial: Football cash funneled into 'sham' account, claims Crown

Prosecutors said Wednesday that US$250,000 from the Cayman Islands Football Association found its way into a Fidelity Bank account initially set up to take in payments from the public healthcare system for the CarePay patient swipe-card contract.

CarePay project costs 'increased massively'

The proposed costs of a public hospital patient swipe-card project increased by as much as US$3.5 million after bid documents for the deal were submitted to former Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Board chairman Canover Watson, Crown prosecutors alleged Tuesday.

Crown: Watson, Webb used company to defraud public sector

Canover Watson, with help from his friend Jeffrey Webb and former personal assistant Miriam Rodriguez, used a company he and Webb set up to “defraud public bodies of large amounts of money” jurors heard in the first day of a corruption trial.

Anti-Corruption Commission probing 12 cases

The Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission is actively investigating 12 cases of corruption, and incoming complaints have dropped by more than half since 2012-2013.

Slower summer affects tourism growth

After several years of steady improvement, the growth of Cayman’s tourism industry began to slow this year.

Two CIMA board members not available

Two Cayman Islands Monetary Authority board members appointed earlier this year are unable to serve their three-year terms for various reasons, and replacements will have to be found, Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton confirmed Monday.

Swiss approve extradition of Costas Takkas

Swiss authorities have approved the extradition of Costas Takkas, Jeffrey Webb’s assistant at FIFA and former general secretary of the Cayman Islands Football Association, to face trial in the U.S. on bribery charges.

CarePay trial to start in mid-November

Jury selection in the corruption trial of Canover Watson, Cayman’s former Health Services Authority board chairman, is due to begin in mid-November.

MP: Brits should be ready to assist Cayman FIFA investigations

A British MP and FIFA reform campaigner has called on the U.K. Serious Fraud Office to take a greater role in investigating corruption in the game’s governing body.

FIFA bans Jack Warner for life

Former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner was banned for life from football activities by FIFA, effective Friday. Warner is also facing extradition to the U.S. from his home country of Trinidad and Tobago.

Third FIFA official ordered extradited to US

The third of seven FIFA officials arrested in May during a U.S. law enforcement raid at a Zurich hotel has been ordered to be extradited to America.

Second FIFA official's extradition ordered

The second of seven arrested FIFA officials being held in Switzerland in connection with an international football bribery probe has been ordered extradited to the U.S.

Blatter under fire over World Cup TV rights

A 2005 FIFA contract obtained by Swiss broadcaster SRF indicates that FIFA President Sepp Blatter allegedly sold TV rights for the 2010 and 2014 World Cup for a fraction of the market price to the Caribbean Football Union and the regional football body’s then-president Jack Warner.

Scotland steps down from CIFA

Former Sports Minister Mark Scotland has become the latest member of the Cayman Islands Football Association executive to step down from his role.

Court: Webb allowed to return to Georgia

Cayman's Jeffrey Webb will be allowed to return “home” to Georgia while on bail from U.S. bribery charges.

Cayman issues poised for 'prime time'

From the standpoint of sheer numbers, we cannot recall another point in time where Cayman faced so many reputational threats of our own creation.

Maples continues CIFA funding, confirms Blake resignation

Law firm Maples and Calder will continue its sponsorship of grass roots football in the Cayman Islands despite recent controversies surrounding the game’s local governing body.

Unnamed companies gifted almost $1M to CIFA

Almost $1 million in loans from unnamed private companies have been re-assigned as sponsorship income in the Cayman Islands Football Association’s 2013/14 accounts.

General secretary resigns from football association

The turmoil surrounding the Cayman Islands Football Association increased Tuesday as acting general secretary Paul Macey announced his resignation.

Football leader re-elected; corruption probe possible

Football boss Bruce Blake has promised full cooperation with any investigation into the Cayman Islands Football Association’s finances after being confirmed as acting leader of the organization.

Webb struggling to fund NY home, security

Former FIFA vice president Jeffrey Webb claims he is struggling to fund his house arrest in New York.

Blake remains defiant as election looms

Acting head of the Cayman Islands Football Association Bruce Blake has shrugged off government’s decision to pull funding from the organization and insists he is the man to take the sport forward.

CIFA rejection a kick in the shins

The upcoming CIFA elections could have constituted a fresh start for a troubled organization. Instead, the “re-elections” appear to reinforce the worst possible suspicions about CIFA’s lack of transparency and accountability.

Government to pull football funding amid election row

Government is pulling its funding from the Cayman Islands Football Association amid concerns about the handling of leadership elections.

Three months later, three FIFA defendants before US court

The wheels of justice turn slowly for defendants charged in the FIFA bribery scandal.

Sports minister questions football association’s election process

Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden has called on the Cayman Islands Football Association to hold “free and fair elections” on its leadership.

Moxam's CIFA leadership bid thwarted

Bruce Blake looks set to be re-elected unopposed as first vice president and acting president of the Cayman Islands Football Association after Renard Moxam’s nomination to stand for election was rejected.

Additional CIMA-Webb connections identified

More connections between Jeffrey Webb and Cayman's financial regulator are revealed.

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