General secretary resigns from football association

The turmoil surrounding the Cayman Islands Football Association increased Tuesday as acting general secretary Paul Macey announced his resignation. 

“In light of the recent events involving CIFA, I have decided to resign as a member of the Executive Committee with immediate effect,” he said in a brief statement. 

The association is facing the prospect of an anti-corruption inquiry after auditors flagged suspicious transactions in its 2014 accounts. 

Meanwhile, government has pulled funding amid controversy over leadership elections. 

Bruce Blake was re-elected unopposed as the organization’s first vice president and acting president on Saturday, after the nomination of his only potential challenger, Renard Moxam, was deemed to be defective. 

Mr. Macey, who as acting general secretary was responsible for informing Mr. Moxam that his bid to run had not been accepted, did not give specific reasons for his decision to step down. 

In his statement, he said, “I have dedicated a lot of my time and effort to the development of football in the Cayman Islands, and the recent developments at CIFA have caused me to question whether I can continue to do so. 

“Having thought long and hard about the matter, I have decided that I cannot continue to show the same level of support and dedication, and therefore it is better if I step aside. I wish the best for football in the Cayman Islands.” 

Mr. Blake did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. 

Mr. Macey held one of six elected positions on the nine-member executive. 

His position was not one of the three up for election at Saturday’s annual general meeting. Mr. Macey had responsibility for handling nominations and administering the election. 

He initially wrote to Mr. Moxam, on receipt of his application to run against Mr. Blake, informing him that “it would appear that the requirements of the nomination process have been met.” However, he later informed Mr. Moxam that he had not, in fact, met the requirements and would not be allowed to run. 

The decision to exclude Mr. Moxam and Sharon Roulstone, who had also signaled her intent to run for a leadership role, drew criticism from Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden, who called on CIFA to hold “free and fair elections.” 

Mr. Macey has not commented on the situation, but the association responded in a statement that the final decision had been taken with unanimous approval of the executive committee, following legal advice. It stated that it had a clear process in its constitution, and that Mr. Moxam and Ms. Roulstone had failed to secure the minimum support required to run. 

As a result, Mr. Blake and Mark Campbell continued their roles of first vice president and assistant general secretary, respectively, uncontested, on Saturday. Armando Ebanks was elected unopposed to the vacant treasurer’s post. 

Jeffrey Webb’s role as president was not up for election. He remains officially in the position, though suspended from football activities by FIFA, making Mr. Blake the acting head of Cayman football.

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