Rik Rok 
rocks the radio mic

When he co-wrote eight songs – including mega-hits It Wasn’t Me and Angel – off of Shaggy’s 2001 diamond-selling album Hot Shot, the world took notice of Rik Rok. Now, he brings his range of talents and knowledge of the music industry to Cayman every morning on radio station Vibe 98.9 FM.

For Rik Rok, everything starts with the love of music.

“It has got to start with love, because it’s a really tough business to get into,” he says.

After working on Hot Shot, he toured with Shaggy all over the world to promote the album, which eventually sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

“We toured on that album for three or four years, continuously. It was insane,” he says. “I went from university graduate/bum, to famous singer travelling the world in like no time.”

He learned about the music business – all the good, the bad and the ugly – and the tour landed him in Cayman.

He had a broken arm at the time, and while he was singing on stage in a sling, he saw a woman.

Cayman love

While playing a show in Cayman…

“This girl walks by the stage, and I’m like ‘Who’s she?’ I couldn’t concentrate. I had to stop singing,” he says. “I couldn’t look at her and sing at the same time, so I eventually had to look away. I made sure to figure out where she went. And then I went back to the microphone and continued to sing background vocals.”

After the show, he went backstage and met the Cayman beauty. She later became his wife. And they now have three children together. He’s been living in Cayman ever since 2006. In the meantime, he released an independent album, raised his kids and continued to write songs.

Last year, when Sean Paul came to the island to play a show, he met Kenny Rankin, the president of Paramount Media, the parent company of Vibe and main sponsor of the show.

At the concert, Rankin asked Rik Rok if he’d be interested in hosting a radio show.

“It’s not something I ever would have thought of, being a radio personality,” Rik Rok says.

“What Rik brings is a lot of experience in the radio business and the music business,” Rankin says. “He has a great personality. So that’s what we wanted.”

Monday was his first show.

“It went really well. I’m really pleased. The phones lit up,” he says. “I think I could like this. I think I really could.”


Rik Rok rocks the mic on Vibe every morning from 7-11am.
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