Who made the Royal list and who didn’t

We’re so happy to hear that some
stars are going to William and Kate’s Royal Wedding.

Even though President and Mrs.
Obama are not on the list of 1,900 lucky folks, David Beckham and his wife
Victoria are said to have made the cut.

Of course the palace isn’t going to
confirm anything, but according to published the couple got an invitation,
largely because David worked with Prince William on England’s 2018 World Cup

And Kate likes Victoria’s clothing

 During Fashion Week in New York, Victoria said
she was sending some dresses to Middleton.

“Apparently, she likes my
clothes and has asked to see a selection,” Victoria said.

“It will be from my current
spring/summer collection.”

Kanye West and Elton John are also
expected to get invitations, and we hope they do so we can see them in their
morning coats.

The official Prince of Wales
website confirms “the groups” that have been invited to the wedding:


• Members of The Royal Family and
their friends

• Members of the Middleton Family
and their friends

• Friends of Prince William and
Miss Middleton

• Members of Foreign Royal Families

• Representatives from the Defence

• Representatives from Prince
William’s patronages

• Representatives from the Church
and other faiths

• Members of the Government,
Parliament and Devolved Administrations

• Members of the Diplomatic Corps

• Governors-General and Prime
Ministers from the Realms

• Members of the Royal Household


The site also says that of the
1,900 people invited to the service, only “around 600” have been
invited to the lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace given by The Queen.

And “around 300 people”
have been invited to the dinner at Buckingham Palace given by The Prince of

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