Janice Brown’s debut exhibition set

Though Janice Brown’s exhibition at Full of Beans cafe – from Wednesday, 2 March – marks her debut, her work is very familiar: It has been sold through the National Gallery, the National Trust and the Visual Arts society, among others.

Brown, a teacher at North Side Primary, has sold paintings everywhere from New Zealand and her native Scotland to the United States, Canada, Belgium, Jamaica and, of course, Cayman.

“My coffee table book depicts 40 of my first paintings sold worldwide and shows many Caymanian houses which were destroyed by hurricane Ivan. It is of great value in the classroom, and all my classes and students can really identify with the Caymanian flora, fauna and sights.”

Brown first took painting classes in 2003 with Ed Oliver and says at first she struggled to get the right colours in the right place.

“Since then I have taken classes through the National Gallery, borrowed art videos, experimented and enjoyed myself. After Hurricane Ivan I sold a few paintings and then realised that I needed to keep a record of my work.

Out of interest I attended the Department of Commerce and Investment Small Business Unit evening classes, and finally I started my small business, putting my paintings into prints and so on.

“Last year I was made redundant from the National Trust of the Cayman Islands due to cutbacks and was unemployed for five months, so this exhibition is a result of that! I am now back in teaching full-time and enjoying it.”

The exhibition has a Caymanian theme, based on scenes on all three islands – inspired by her work with the National Trust.

“In the past few months I have been able to use the Visual Art Society’s Watler House at Pedro St James during Open Studio on Saturdays to work and experiment with larger canvas and easels.

This really inspired me to concentrate on a different level. “I am really looking forward to seeing a variety of my work together, in the same place for once.”

Brown will be available for book signings at Full of Beans every Saturday in March from 1-1.30pm.

The opening night reception at Full of Beans is set for Wednesday, 2 March from 5.30-7.30pm.

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