Building society 
focus on ‘national’

The National Building Society of Cayman has been re-branded and re-positioned to enhance its capacity to serve the Cayman Islands, says Chairman Earl Jarrett.

As a mortgage provider in the Northern Caribbean sub-region, the society achieved substantial growth in its deposit and mortgage portfolios during the last financial year, despite the economic setback in Cayman due to the global financial crisis.

“The focus has been shifted to ‘The National’ element in the NBSC’s name, to emphasise this subsidiary’s increased involvement in the local community,” said Mr. Jarrett, who is also general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society.

The National society began in 1992. It was acquired as a subsidiary of the Jamaica society in 2002.

“The National Building Society serves the Caymanian community, a significant number of resident Jamaicans and other nationalities, both as a provider of mortgages and as a deposit-taking institution,” Mr. Jarrett said. “It is on this platform that we will develop in our quest to serve the growing needs of the Caymanian community.”

The society recently opened corporate offices at 29 Elgin Avenue in central George Town.

“We are looking ahead and we are fully committed to playing our role in the future development of these islands and the region”, said the National society’s general manager, Dunbar McFarlane.