GT anxious to keep hold of Digicel Cup

They are cup specialists having won both the Digicel and FA trophies last season and are not prepared to give up their proud possessions easily.

George Town line up in the Digicel Cup final against Roma United on Wednesday 9 March at the TE McField Annex and the champions’ skipper, Ian Lindo, believes they will go home happy.

“We Are very confident in doing the double as they are our cups to defend and don’t see us giving them up so easily,” he said. George Town, like Roma, seem to sizzle in cup games but their league form has been patchy.

“I think maybe its due to the fact that we are at our best with our backs against the wall,” Lindo said. “So the bigger the game the more up for it we are.”

Roma won the Digicel Cup three years ago when Wayne ‘Bigga’ Smith scored the only goal in the final in North Side. Bigga is still with the club but mostly used as a super sub now.

Lindo played in that game and would hate to see a repeat. “I wouldn’t say it’s about revenge, it’s more like keeping what we feel we truly deserve. GT only strive to be at the top.

“I feel like it’s our game for the taking. We are a very confident team in our own abilities and we know that if we play to the best of our abilities the cup is ours.”

Lindo is also the national team captain. The busy midfielder sets high standards for himself. “I wouldn’t say I’m having a great season. I’m doing okay and personally I’m very demanding of myself so I always feel I can do better.

“As for key players in our team, I think we are a more of a collective effort but if I have to single out someone it would be Junior Fisher. As we are such an attack minded team he adds that extra security at the back.”

George Town have a potent strike force. Under head coach Lee Ramoon, they use a combination of Tex Whitelocke, Justin Pierre and David ‘Starky’ Harding, all excellent predators.

Their midfield is solid too, with Fabian Malcolm and Garth Anderson helping make things tick alongside Lindo.

“Tex is currently our top scorer,” said Lindo. “He tends to score a lot of goals because he finds space around the penalty area well. And with the supporting attacking players we have we create a lot of chances for him.”

Veteran keeper Clay Coleman has taken a break this season and Miguel Pitta has done well in his absence. “Miguel has been doing great. He has stepped in and taken over a very crucial part of our team.”

Roma rely on their speedy captain Keigel ‘Stammer’ Atkinson on the left, Kevin ‘Tikki’ McField in the middle and Nickardo Beckford to deliver goals, plus various players pop up to score. Lindo is not worried about any individual threat.

“We are not a team that concentrates on isolated players. We focus more on our collective game and I believe if we play our game they are the ones with the worrying to do.”


Fisher has been a central part of GT’s success.