Cupcake Club helps animals

Ten-year-old Elisabeth Bise proves
that a person can make a difference at any age.

She decided to create the Cupcake
Club, made up of a group of her friends who bake and organise a cupcake sale to
raise awareness for the Humane Society.

All of the initial profits from
their small-scale sale went to the cause. On Wednesday, they delivered the $92

“The whole club loves animals,” she
says. “The whole club got together and we thought about who the money should go
to and finally the idea of giving it to the Humane Society came up and we all
agreed to it.”

They were going to give the
proceeds to a cause for humans, but…

“The Humane Society could always
use more money to make the lives of the animals better,” she says.

And although Elisabeth has
dedicated at least part of her youth to charity causes, she has bigger plans
for the future.

She would like to be a baker, she
says. “I love to bake and cook.”

That must make the Cupcake Club run
a bit smoother. But she also likes the silver screen.

“I would love to be a movie
editor,” she adds. “I find it really fun and I’m good at it.”