Prep wins Disney Challenge

Students from Cayman Prep and High
School Year 6 class have won Disney’s Planet Challenge for their efforts to
save the Swallowtail Butterfly.

The pupils planted 10 lime trees in
the school grounds and distributed lime seeds to their fellow students to
encourage them to plant the trees in their gardens and yards. Lime trees are
the major source of food and home for the endangered Swallowtail Butterfly,
which is only found on Grand Cayman.

“It’s exciting to witness the
younger generation make an active contribution to our islands in such a
meaningful context,” said Shomari Scott, acting the acting director of tourism.
“Through the Disney’s Planet Challenge programme, these students discovered the
danger of the swallowtail population and developed their own conservation
programme, taking the extra mile to go out within their community at large and
encourage others to plant lime trees in their yards, providing habitats for the

The students also raised more than
$1,000 This year, more than 1,270 Cayman students in 66 classes took part in
this environmental programme, pledging to make a positive difference for the

The pupils from Cayman Prep will be
honoured onboard the Disney Magic cruise ship when it docks in George Town on 5