Ezzard quits accounts committee

Independent legislator Ezzard Miller resigned Friday as
chairman of the committee that reviews government audits, citing a lack of
support from fellow committee members.

Speaker of the House Mary Lawrence confirmed that Mr. Miller handed her a resignation letter on Friday.

Mr. Miller, who has been chairman of the Public Accounts
Committee since 2009, said the four other members of the committee – Cline
Glidden, Ellio Solomon, Moses Kirkconnell and Dwayne Seymour – had not shown up
for meetings over the past several months and he felt he was no longer able to
carry out his duty if the committee repeatedly could not meet its quorum of

“It is unfortunate and I am troubled by the fact that I did
not succeed in doing what I set out to do,” said Mr. Miller.

He said that he had hoped to bring government accounts up to
date during his tenure as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and had had
some success in this, but that members of the committee now seemed to have
little interest in seeing that task fulfilled.

UDP members of the committee Mr. Solomon and Mr. Glidden said
they were frequently busy with government matters and could not attend every
committee meeting. Calls to Mr. Kirkconnell and Mr. Seymour were not returned by
Friday afternoon.

The Legislative Assembly next meets on Wednesday, 16 March,
and Mr. Miller said he believed that a new chairman of the committee may be
elected then.

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  1. So this is what we get to demonstrate the extent of responsibility and accountability from our elected Members for the Governments expenditure of public funds. What has the Premier to say about this? Let him speak up soon and clearly. And the members of the PAC who couldnt fulfil their duties should also explain. Their responsibility to the country should rank higher than their party concerns.

  2. If it was just the UDP members not showing then maybe its them, but, when the PPM candidate also refuses to attend it must be the PAC leadership. Sounds like the crew abandoned the Captain. Or did they? Has the Captain abandoned the task?

  3. This UDP Cayman Islands Government needs to be careful with their carelessness…

    Its not Labour in power in Britain now.

    This Coalition Government in Britain is paying attention to everything; the Overseas Territories as much as everything else.

    MPs are being sent to jail left, right and center for financial improprities and civil servants are being fired for failing to meet financial reporting and other professional obligations.

    If McKeeva Bush and his cronies, both inside and outside government believe that the Cayman tail will continue to wag the UK dog, as Cayman has been used to in the past, I have a warning for him.

    This Coalition Government is playing hard but fair and everyone who enjoys British citizenship and protection is now being called to play by the same rules.

    If the Cayman Islands thinks that there should be some exception in Caymans case, then there is only one alternative.

    Set your agenda and time table for independence.

    If any UK government ministry was as in arrears in financial reporting as the Cayman Islands Government is right now, those responsible would already be spending time in one of Her Majestys hospitable institutions (a diplomatic term for PRISON).

    Ezzard Miller has tried his best but if corruption is going to continue to be thr rule for Cayman, then let Cayman go its own way.

  4. Couldnt Mr. Miller just simply restructure PAC to include private sector membership? after all responsibility, brains and accountability exists in one place and thats the private sector.