Gov dumps Op Tempura complaint

A complaint filed last year over the Operation Tempura police corruption investigation has been completely dismissed by Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor. 

The complaint was initially filed by the investigation’s former legal adviser Martin Polaine and was later signed onto by its former Senior Investigating Officer Martin Bridger. 

Mr. Polaine dropped the complaint in late 2010. Mr. Bridger continued with it. According to Mr. Polaine, the matter involved accusations of improper behaviour on behalf of individuals within Cayman’s criminal justice system, including the judiciary and the attorney general’s office. . 

Governor Taylor’s statement issued Tuesday reads as follows: 

“I issued a statement on 21 January 2011
in relation to a complaint by Mr. Martin Bridger about certain aspects of
the Operation Tempura investigation in the Cayman Islands.  I have now concluded my consideration of that
complaint and the legal advice I have received in relation to it.  I have dismissed all aspects of the

“I have provided detailed written
reasons for my decision to the complainant, Mr. Bridger.  Because of the sensitivity of some of the
material in the written reasons I do not propose to make these public; in the circumstances, at my request, Mr. Bridger
has signed a confidentiality agreement in which he undertakes not to share the
reasons with any other person except his legal representative.”