Support for musicians

The Cayman Music School has received some new equipment that instructors say will enhance student performance.

Itau Private Bank mad the donation in what its representatives say is a new and fresh way of giving back to the community.

Inna Kazakova, an instructor at the school, described the equipment and how it would be used at the school.

“One of the items we received is a recording interphase, which is great for the students to record their performances to a very high standard, which can be mixed and mastered later on. It will allow us to achieve a more exceptional sound in our recordings.”

The school also received a multifunction printing system that will assist in disseminating fliers, as well as printing sheet music and business cards.

Andreas Economides, general manager of Itau Private Bank, said the school came to the bank’s attention as a result of youngsters from the institution performing at the company’s Christmas dinner, after an employee of the bank, whose daughter was a student at the school, suggested it.

“Becky Ebanks thought it might be a good idea to have the kids from the Cayman Music School perform for the evening. Her daughter is a student here and so she is familiar with the standard.

Once we had an opportunity to see them, we realised that this was something that we wanted to encourage and support,” said Mr. Economides.

Ms Ebanks said she never had the opportunity to learn music as a child, and so it was important to give her daughter the chance. She also expressed pride in working for a firm that appreciates the value of assisting organisations such as the Cayman Music School.

“What they do here is really wonderful and we are proud to be associated with the programme,” she said.

Mr. Economides pointed out that the bank, with input from Ms Ebanks’, were also looking at having the children from the Cayman Music School perform for the elderly, which would also be subsidised by the bank.