Kellys want to slam East End

Ash Wednesday may have been over a week ago but the energy from the day’s domino tournament is still being felt in the sport’s local fraternity.

A recreational competition, simply titled men versus women, took place at Dump Road bar.

Dozens of male and female sides came out to play matches throughout the day.

A number of faces within the Cayman sports scene were present including motorsports enthusiast Joseph Hydes and flag football player Nicole Ramroop.

Games would be tight and last well into the evening as the match-day went up to 300 points.

Now the focus is on the 2010-2011 national league put on by the Cayman Islands Domino Association.

The next match-day is this Sunday 20 March from roughly 2pm to 6pm. Singh’s Roti Shop in George Town is one of the venues as the Roti Shop team (who are in the middle of the pack) hosts a fearsome Buttonwood side near the top of the standings.

Meanwhile Kelly’s bar in West Bay sees Kelly’s All Stars take on the East End All Stars. With the likes of Edrick Vernon and darts player Neville Parker in tow, Kelly’s hope to score an upset over the top club.

East End suffered only their first loss of the season back on 6 March to Singh’s.

Parker, a Jamaican national who has been in Cayman for years, states Kelly’s are confident heading into Sunday.

“I’ve been to a lot of matches though it’s doubtful I’ll be there this Sunday due to family commitments,” Parker said. “We have a good chance of winning. The first match was good as we were up by 30 points at one point. We have the potential to beat them. In fact I know we can beat them.

“They’ll certainly be more mentally prepared. They don’t want to be on the losing side of things. But we’re going in to Sunday really ready for them. We lost our last two matches (to Island All Stars and team Helium/Temperature) but they made us stronger. We got ready for Sunday’s match through those games.

“On Sunday I’d say look out for Edrick and our female players. Meanwhile the whole team for East End we have to look out for, no exceptions.”