Scholars and Wesleyan spike best

Community volleyball has been going on in West Bay for over a month. With three weekends left before the playoffs a number of clubs have leapt to spike the competition.

In particular Scholars Sports Club and Wesleyan Christian Academy have excelled. The two sides are on top of the adult division of the 2011 West Bay Community Volleyball League.

Organized by the West Bay Sports Committee, games have taken place indoors at the John A Cumber primary school hall.

Scholars have been steadied by some notable names on the Cayman sports scene.

Among them is Noel Williams, the president of the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation and budding footballer Cline Glidden Jr, son of the West Bay politician.

Wesleyan meanwhile are a mostly all-girls outfit with its biggest star being April Ebanks of the Women of Valour basketball team.

Six other clubs are looking up to the frontrunners. Among them are the Boatswain Bay Spikers, who are near the bottom of the standings.

One of the players on the side, Bruce Powery, is in his second year with the local volleyball league and states he is happy to play though he has an eye towards next month’s playoffs.

“I love it as it’s good for each district to have that to occupy them,” Powery said. “Especially for the youth as they play first. They get their energy out and then we can have them around to watch the adults. I wish we had more things like this organized. I fondly remember we used to have community sports initiatives in the past.

“After hurricane Ivan there was the inter-district football league (played at the West Bay primary school field). A Boatswain Bay team came first in that one year so clearly there is a lot of talent in Boatswain Bay.

“With the volleyball league we won our first match last Saturday (against third-ranked North West Point). The top four teams advance to the playoffs and we got to step it up and make the post-season. All we can do is our best, though mind you, it’s not about the competition; it’s about the togetherness.

“I help with equipment set-up in addition to playing. To me we need more people to come out and support the league. We want to keep it positive so we can keep coming out and doing this, young and old.”

Over in the youth segment, the top club is the Steelers.

Two other sides are chasing them in Young Blazers and Wesleyan. Matches in the competition will not take place as usual this Saturday in West Bay.

Instead the next game is Saturday 26 March and will be held outdoors (as the hall is booked for another event). West Bay Sports Committee member Gerry Robinson gave some insight into the change.

“We will not be hosting games this week as there is an honouring women’s function at Camana Bay,” Robinson said. “Some of our girls are going to be involved in that. We will pick back up next Saturday outside for the one night. The plan is to extend the regular season another week before there’s the playoffs and the annual West Bay versus East 
End match.”