PWC’s first sting

Regardless of their record, the PricewaterhouseCoopers Scorpions have always had a great story to tell. The latest chapter in their co-ed softball saga came this week.

The Scorpions claimed their first victory of the 2011 season on Tuesday. PWC would clip C league rival and rookie club The Security Centre 7-5.

The Field of Dreams facility would host the contest, which is part of the Winter Adult Co-ed Softball League put on by the Cayman Islands Little League.

Arguably the hero of the match was PWC Assurance Senior Matthew Schneider. The left-fielder started the game-ending double play with a clutch catch deep to left.

Schneider, 26, states his play was huge considering his experience in the sport.

“It was a special catch,” Schneider said. “It was a high sky ball and I didn’t want to mess up. It was a pressure situation and I didn’t want to let anyone down. Mind you I’ve only been on-island two months. I played softball for the first time here in Cayman. I’m from South Africa and there’s no softball there. It is primarily cricket and rugby.

“Softball is definitely something you can catch on to quite quickly though. It’s similar to cricket with the fielding and I find it’s quite easy to catch on. Also most of the team is new to it so I don’t feel so bad when I mess up.”

Scorpions captain Johan Bruwer served as pitcher over the course of seven innings. The softball veteran states the victory was a morale boost more than anything else.

“Matt had a huge catch,” Bruwer said. “The bases were loaded and a good hitter was at the plate. The catch was good and a big relief and from there he made a great throw to our shortstop Dylan (Hume). So it was pure happiness afterwards.

“Everyone feels great that we won. Everyone knows how it feels to win and now they want more. Everyone is gelling now. As a result we got a great performance in terms of batting and fielding.”

With the win the Scorpions put an end to the notion that they might repeat history.

Last season the Scorpions were the top regular season club in the C league at 10-2 but lost in the title game to team HSBC.

Before that the side endured four straight seasons without a victory, which meant they went the equivalent of two consecutive years without a win.

Looking ahead the Scorpions have about four more matches left in the regular season.

Whether or not PWC goes on an unbeaten run they will still end up in the cellar of their division. However Bruwer is well aware that any sort of winning streak will be a positive.

“We want all of them but realistically we can get two/three games in the bag. We’ll take every win we can get.

The more games the players have the more they pick up. If they play consistently we can cause an upset.

It’s a team sport and everyone playing every week makes it easier later in the season. We can play to the strengths of the players.”