Rudy gives comedy
 audience a Rush

For two nights every month anyone seeking a couple of hours of escapism and plenty of belly laughs should get down to Margaritaville for the Laughter Lounge comedy show.

It’s on the second Friday and Saturday of every month, and the latest stand-up offering came from Rudy Rush, a New Yorker with a long resume at top level, including being the youngest host of Showtime at the Apollo.

Like all the others, Rush has worked with the best in the business, including Jamie Foxx, Dave Chappelle and Martin Lawrence.

Local promoters Brad Watts and Rod Jefferson, who organised the show, have spotted a gap in the market that deserves to grown into something huge.

Rush’s speciality seems to be about disgusting bodily functions and the behaviour of babies and toddlers, which isn’t everyone’s favourite but seemed to work on this audience.

When he turned to observations about Cayman life, that got a terrific response.

One in particular was that Cayman is so beautiful and with the sun shining every day everyone is in utopia and literally skipping to work!

He also went to Jet nightclub and thought it hilarious that middle-aged and elderly men mix with the youngsters as one.

One gem was the total opposite reaction of white and black people to hearing a shooting. Rush reckons white people are drawn to the noise “because they think it’s a celebration and they’re hearing firecrackers, whereas black people automatically run in the opposite direction”.

Leon Rogers was the main act last month and this time he almost stole the show with his funniest lines coming from experiences in Cayman.

He watched World Cup cricket for the first time, calling a bat “a paddle” and couldn’t believe the same match was on when he woke up hours later.

He got “frightened” when a woman customs officer barked at him to stand behind the yellow line and wait his turn.

“I thought she was going to get up and whip my ass!”

And his best Cayman joke was about going to Stingray City and his encounter with the ultra-soft creatures.