Jackson revved up to lead

Cayman’s motorsports scene has a
new body in place for 2011. The group is already revving ahead with a race
coming up in the next few days.

Breakers Speedway hosts a local
drag meet titled “Cayman’s Fastest” on Sunday 27 March. In addition to being a
chance to see some of the quickest cars, it is also an opportunity to catch the
Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association in action. One of the big names behind
the organization is noted driver Sammy Jackson, who serves as president.

A lawyer by trade, Jackson is known
for his 2000 Chevy Camaro SS. He drove that same Camaro to a victory over Dean
Shaw back in January at the 1/8 mile track’s last international race. Jackson
gave some insight into where the association is at.

“The drag racing association is a
recently organized not-for-profit association,” Jackson said. “It currently has
a voluntary membership of about 30 racers and racing enthusiasts. There is an
elected board with myself as president, Richard Bodden as vice president, Dail
Davis as Secretary and Erna Davis as Treasurer. There is also Rhian Campbell
and Michael Webster as the marketing director and promotions director respectively
with Chuck Thompson as Race Director and Daniel Ebanks as safety director for
our upcoming events.

“I am really excited about the new
organization and it is an honour to be a part of a group of such real
enthusiasts. The fact that we have a calendar for the whole year gives us an opportunity
to really showcase what these folks and their cars can really do in a safe
structured environment.”

For the record the majority of
board members are noted racers. Bodden sports a yellow Mitsubishi Evolution III
that has slowly gained ground in the all wheel drive segment. Dail Davis has a
1989 black Ford Mustang that recently ran under six seconds at Breakers,
Webster has one of the fastest Toyota Supras (based on 1/8 mile times) on
island and Thompson is a veteran trying out dexterity racing of late in a blue
Subaru Impreza.

In addition to this weekend’s race
(which sees gates open from 12noon and action starting from 1pm), four other
meets are on tap. The prospective dates at the moment are 5 June, 31 July, 2
October and 4 December. All are being held at Breakers, which Jackson states is
happy to host the meets.

“We have entered into an
arrangement with the proprietor of the Breakers Speedway, Robert Campbell,
whereby we will be holding five organized and properly managed events during
the course of 2011. It is intended that we will continue on into 2012 and
beyond. It is our objective to make this sport a viable and vibrant form of
entertainment for the local community.”

The presence of the drag racing
organization means the Cayman Islands currently has three official bodies for
motorsports. The chief group is the Cayman Motorsports Association and the
second entity is the Cayman Islands Hot Rod Association, which has been behind
the scenes in recent years. Together they are in charge of the two main forms
of motorsports on-island in drag racing and autocross/dexterity racing.

It is no secret that the two
disciplines have clashed. Most times conflict has come over the timing of
events. Indeed this Sunday there is a autocross event planned for the same time
as the drag meet. Jackson states the association’s goal is to foster unity and

“Membership in the association is
growing daily and we are pleased to have sparked the interest of the seasoned
veterans of the sport as well as the young novices. It is intended that we will
become the preeminent drag racing association in the Cayman Islands. We are
dedicated to promoting the sport of drag racing with a primary focus on
enhancing safety for all participants.

“We are also cognizant that there
are other motorsports organizations out there. In fact a number of their
members are also members of our association. We intend to support and assist
the other auto clubs and motorsports organizations as best we can and to
coordinate with them so as to avoid conflicting event dates and the like in the