Letter to the Editor: Issues of national importance

I will try to make this letter
brief as time is of importance.

Let me start with the dredging
issue, which I believe we all know is a very dumb idea.

Remember when one couldn’t even
touch the coral on the reef and the importance of the reef? We have ocean water
in George Town and further down. No one is to destroy our reefs. God put them
there for a good reason and he put us on land.

Money, money; pushed in people’s
faces, passed to them over and under the table. What is wrong with these
people? Why do they need more money? And at the same time, they are trying
everything to stop the poor man from making a dollar.

Remember these environment reports
are costing a fortune and the report is going to say that it is safe to do so,
but a Caymanian with common sense knows that is a very dangerous thing to do.
Big ships can continue to come in where they usually come in. We live on a very
small island. If there is no dock, then they will have to be ferried to shore.
If the right decision cannot be reached on land, then I am asking all Caymanian
boat owners to go out to the reef and wait them out. No one must be allowed to
touch the reef or do any more dredging.

Remember that you all put the MLAs
in the House and if they are not listening to you, what can you do. Yes, that
is correct. If someone is working for you and they are not doing a good job,
what is the course of action usually taken? You are right again.

Another issue that I am very
concerned about is life sentences. About a week ago I was told that instead of
passing life sentences, now one can get just a number of years. Does anyone
realise the consequences of this?

If a person is murdered, not in
self-defence, the victim cannot be given life right? But the killer can be given
death, or is it life in prison? With the type of security at the prison, the
government is very careless and must pay more attention to this issue. I do not
believe that a person that receives 20-40 years in prison will be rehabilitated
nor would he or she have received the judgement to fit the crime. This will
only be a blood bath at the time of his or her release. Please, our lawmakers
wake up and see the light. Seek insight from the people of these Islands. Don’t
just try to free family members. Believe me, they will be more sick. These
people must not be released back into society.

If they can take a life, they can
take a life sentence. And a lifer in Northward Prison seems to have it made
really good and I would like to know if all of them are wearing a tracker
device, even those that are charged and it has been proven that they can easily
be removed. Are they wearing leg cuffs? A life sentence means life (all of the
person’s life) behind bars.

Since I am on the subject of
prison, I wonder if the flag has been changed. Last I saw it, it was faded and
weather-beaten. How much does it cost for a flag? I also noticed government
signs all dirty and mildewed. Maybe a prisoner can clean them.

I notice that things are only
getting worse for the handicapped in the centre of town. I have mentioned on
numerous occasions that the sidewalk should be built to accommodate these
people and also the entrances to the places of business.

A few weeks back, a lady in a
wheelchair thanked me for thinking about them while her husband looked around
for a place that would accommodate her wheelchair. She wanted to get up on the
sidewalk by the old Comart and Butterfield Bank. The town planners, architects
and business owners need to think about these people. Not everyone is like us
and Cayman is one of the top financial centres in the world. Is the UCCI Administration
Building still without an elevator? Can’t the handicapped work or do their own

I will summarise on a few other

Population – Cayman has more foreigners
than natives. This is not right.

The number of cars – Controls must
be put on the importation of cars.

Work permit holders – I understand
that many people on work permits are holding two or three jobs.

Visitors – Many of the visitors
here are coming to the Island without a proper place to stay, no money and no
food. This causes an increase in crime.

Foreign investors – Not one of the
businesses that are brought here are for Caymanians. Take a good look. Can’t
our representatives see or are they blinded by money? Our children are going to
crowded schools, graduating and there is no work. All the development and
progress is not for us.

Caymanians are supposed to be
holding the jobs, but they are not given the opportunity and no one cares. This
type of situation leads to frustration, crime, suicide, etc. Something has to
be done before it is really too late. It is obvious the MLAs are not doing
their jobs right.

There is not even a school that our
children can learn a trade for free. Cayman had some of the world’s best
seamen. Why don’t we have a marine school and continue that tradition?

A lot of our youths love the sea.
Why isn’t government doing something to assist the Caymanians instead of
calling us lazy and that we don’t want to work for nothing like the foreigners
that they are importing and working and treating them like slaves while the
business owners are packing in the cash.

Let us pray that the behaviour that
is prevalent in our government comes to an immediate stop and that our
Caymanian people will join together and show who these Islands are for and who
their employers are. We need MLAs who are looking about the interests and
welfare of the Cayman Islands and the Caymanian people.


Dora A. Ebanks