Peacemakers are in Cayman to help solve conflict

First Baptist Church to host Peacemakers President

Getting to the heart of personal
and professional conflict resolutions will be the topic for the Cayman
Peacemaker Conference starting Wednesday, 30 March.

The president of Peacemakers
Ministries, Ken Sande, will be on Island for the conference in Biblical
peacemaking — applying the Gospel to conflicts in daily life, to provide tools
on getting to the heart of personal and professional conflict resolution.

Sessions take place at First
Baptist Church of Grand Cayman on Crewe Road, across from the Lions Centre.
Starting time is 7.30pm on Wednesday, 30 March, and Friday, 1 April. Men’s and
women’s seminars will be held on Saturday, 2 April, 9am until noon, to address
gender specific conflict situations.

There is no fee and organisers say
no registration is required. However, reservations must be made by people who
wish to attend but require child care.

The Cayman Peacemaker Conference is
open to everyone Island-wide. It is designed to apply biblical principles to
real-life situations and equip people to resolve conflicts in gracious, wise
and effective ways, organisers explained. Although presented from a Christian
perspective, the conference provides tools for conflict resolution that are
practical and effective for people of various faiths and beliefs.

Mr. Sande, president of Peacemakers
Ministries, will lead the conference activities. He has written books, articles
and other resources on biblical conflict resolution. He will apply his
experience with international, culturally-customised peacemaking programmes to
provide insight on conflict scenarios specific to the Cayman Islands.

Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile of First
Baptist Church noted that this will be Mr. Sande’s first visit to Grand Cayman
to lead a Peacemakers conference. “Peace is one of the most basic human needs.
We instantly know when we’re not at peace and the loss of it affects us in
hundreds of ways… We all need peace in our personal and professional lives. We
need peace in our churches, community, between nations and with God and we need
to learn the skills for making and maintaining peace. That’s what this
conference is about—giving people the skills they need to live in the peace we
need,” the pastor said.


For more information about the
seminar, call First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman at 949-0692, go to, or visit the Cayman Peacemakers
Conference 2011 Facebook page.
To reserve child care during the conference, email [email protected]
For more information about Peacemakers Ministries, go to