Teaching children to cook

Cooking with children requires
time, patience and some extra cleanup, especially when the children are

However, many people agree that
children are willing to try dishes if they are involved in the preparation, including
traditional recipes like cassava cake, bread pudding and fritters. With the
advent of fast food to the Island, many parents overlook traditional recipes
and sometimes forget the historical contribution these recipes can make.
Getting children involved in the preparation of authentic traditional recipes
celebrates and preserves the integrity of the dish and culture of our heritage.

This idea is well understood by the
leaders of the West Bay Girls’ Brigade Company, who requested our traditional
recipes and expertise during recent cooking classes held at the John Gray
United Church. The girls cooked fritters, bread pudding and a rice and beans

While bread pudding is a treat on
its own, it can be paired with vanilla ice cream. Fritters complement fried
fish and are quite tasty with a dab of butter and a slice of cassava cake, in
moderation, satisfies the sweet tooth.

Local events are a great place to
sample local dishes and many foods can be identified, from taste, by its
district of origin.

For more information on these
recipes and others, contact Erica Daniel by calling 749-1126.


Children learn how to make fritters, thanks to the National Trust.
Photo: Submitted