Tourism Advisory Council regroups with members

The Tourism Advisory Council has
announced its members for 2011.

The body represents all sectors of
the tourism industry and provides the Ministerial Council for Tourism and Development
with a direct, representative and consultative link to the private sector.
Initial meetings brought new members up to date with the council’s activities
and discussions continue as to summer promotions, said chairman, Karie

“Airlift was probably our No. 1
priority last year and the Ministerial Council and government have really
worked hard to increase that. We added something like 4,000 seats in the second
part of 2010 and to double your airlift is phenomenal; just fantastic. I take my
hat off to Cayman Airways; they have been listening and doing really well for
us,” she revealed. “Our challenge is getting people here in May and the first
part of June, which is a lull.”


Sector representatives

In addition to chairing the
council, Ms Bergstrom will represent human capital – education, training and
employment. Harry Lalli has been appointed as the watersports sector representative,
Roger Ponce represents accommodations (hotels, condos, villas and guest houses)
and JoAnne Brown will speak to conferences, events and festivals.

Ronnie Anglin is the rep for the
cruise sector, Markus Mueri for food, beverage and entertainment and Tom
McCallum is the rep for transportation (ground and aviation). Mr. Anglin will
assist with ground transportation. Ken Hydes is the representative for
attractions and amenities (retail). He will be also assisted by Denny Ebanks
and JoAnne Brown.

The council meets monthly.