Sugar comes to Royal Watler

It’sugar store is an entertainment emporium

Fans of the sweet and delicious will be pleased to note the imminent arrival of candy store It’sugar to Cayman’s shores.

The new, 1,900-foot building will be situated in the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal, revealed Malin Ratcliffe, who is behind the project.

“It’s a complete sugar emporium called It’sugar entertainment store. On the cruise ship [itineraries that include] Grand Cayman, I don’t think there is a candy store and entertainment sweet emporium like we are going to be providing, enhancing the cruise ship passengers’ experience. I am hoping we will have a bit of a captive audience.”

Stefan Baraud, chairman of the Port Authority of the Cayman Islands, confirmed that construction was taking place at the expense of the vendor.

“It will be owned by the port. This is one of the prime examples of a public-private partnership; she is willing to spend her own money to invest in the structure.

“The port then is able to get a new retail product that fits the mix we are looking for, to diversify the retail offering. We are able to occupy additional square footage and generate further revenue.”


The idea first came to mind two years ago when Ms Ratcliffe saw a super-sized It’sugar store at Atlantic Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“That is 8,000 square feet – candy, candy, candy and more candy.

“It’s hip, it’s edgy, it hits the tweens, the moms and the dads. It’s a fun product and not like your mom and pop candy store in any shape or form.”

It’sugar’s Atlantic City outlet boasts over 5,000 types of candy, 250 types of ice cream and a make-your-own-candy-bar facility.

The company website says the store is “at the intersection of attitude and fun. Just upstairs from irreverence, right down the hall from pleasure.”

Construction of the Cayman store could be completed by May.