Internet investors 
cruise to Cayman

A floating high-tech conference is scheduled to visit Cayman in September.

The DN Cruise sets sail from Tampa on 5 September for five days and will stop at Grand Cayman on 7 September, said Patrick Ruddell, who is organising the cruise.

“DN stands for Domain Names. DNCruise is our industry’s first-ever conference on a boat.

“The cruise conference targets companies and individuals that invest in online real estate – domain names. We cover everything from buying, selling, developing and monetising domain names.”

Domain and host names provide easy references to particular web addresses, such as, which identify numerically addressed IP addresses on the Internet.

Top speakers

The cruise is for everyone from newbies to experts, with some top-level speakers on board, said Mr. Ruddell.

“One of our guests is David Sams, a marketing genius. David helped launch TV shows such as Oprah, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

“[We are looking forward to] just getting a chance to relax and get to spend time with fellow investors. We are a very small industry, so it is always good to get together with like-minded individuals, especially in a relaxed environment such as a cruise.”

While on Grand Cayman, the conference attendees will take a boat tour, go snorkelling and have lunch with top domain-name investor Frank Schilling, who has a residence on-island, said Mr. Ruddell.