out and about this weekend Rock for Japan on Saturday

Now anyone who knows Weekender knows we don’t need an excuse to rock.

So we’re delighted to note that at Elements Ultra Lounge on Saturday, 26 March, there’s a gig that features some great local acts in a fundraiser for Japan.

The gig starts at 8pm and has four bands donating their time and skills to raise money, explains organiser John Mack.

“Having some experience in the fundraising field, I knew the right people to contact and as always, the musicians were very receptive to the idea and volunteered their time and talents without hesitation.

All of the other sponsors [Jacques Scott, dms Broadcasting, Cayman Islands Red Cross] jumped on the idea as soon as I proposed it. I think the idea has been on everyone’s mind since it happened, and being able to get behind a project like this is a no-brainer for most.”

Diversity and skill

The bands display the diversity and skill inherent in the current music scene.

“The E-Z Street Band is a great blues band with strong Caribbean influences, Derrick and Reno are both versatile musicians and without the full band they normally play with – Suckerbox – they have a bit of a softer, acoustic edge that may surprise some people.

“Bona Fide is a diverse band that plays a great variety of reggae, soca, pop and disco. They always get the party started with lots of favourites from the ‘70s to today. The final band, Void, is a newcomer on the Cayman scene and plays a harder style of rock that is great for closing out the show,” Mack tells us.

Donations are being accepted at the door, and 100 per cent of proceeds will go to the Cayman Islands Red Cross to assist those in need in Japan. Jacques Scott, one of the sponsors with Heineken, will contribute all proceeds from sales of Asahi beer to the Red Cross as well.

Isadora Ferrao of Bona Fide puts it into context from the bands’ point of view.

“Seeing the devastation in Japan should make us all grateful for what we have and hopefully empathetic enough to help if we are able. Anyone who is able to assist or put on more fundraisers should do so as it will be decades before Japan starts to recover from this.

“We know how long it took us to see a light at the end of the tunnel after Ivan.”