WestStar changes network channels

TV has announced a change in the cable channel lineup creating a block of
network programming.

of 1 April, the major US networks move to the 20s in an attempt to make it
easier for viewers to move between prime-time and the two local channels.

we prepare to launch more channels over the next year, we are looking at our
channel lineup and making adjustments so that they make the most sense for
viewers,” said Traci Bradley, operations manager at Weststar.

“We recognise
viewers usually surf the networks in the evening, and now it is easier to
quickly compare what’s on.”

year Cayman27 and Island24 were moved to the corresponding cable channels and
programming on the two channels was realigned into two categories – information
and entertainment.

the networks complements these changes, according to WestStar.

World remains at channel 26, while Seventh-day Adventist, BET, E!, and VH1 move
to lower numbers.