Church nets Unity’s help

The New Testament Church on North Sound Road is the home base for one of Cayman’s netball clubs. Thus it is no surprise that it will host an interesting netball match in a few days.

Unity netball club, in conjunction with the church, are putting on a family netball night. The festivities take place 12 April at 7pm.

The plan is to have residents young and old come out to fellowship and play netball. Faye Green is the manager of the Unity squad (which currently plays in the national netball league) and states the idea is to bring the community together through sports.

“We want to get the community together and the best way we could think of is by introducing the sport of netball to them,” Green said. “Through netball we feel we can help keep people’s spirits up in these tough times. At the same time we want to send out the message that people can come and try netball.

“The matches will start out with game between chosen by the church’s father of the year Everod Edwards and its mother of the year May Friend. From there the other teams will be in action.

The tournament is open to men and women. There is no age requirement and kids are welcome.

A brief awards ceremony will take place during normal church service at 11am the following Sunday (17 April).”